Why is Facebook good for marketing?

Facebook's tools cater to the business that wants to form an authentic relationship with their audience. It allows marketers to create and distribute quality content that's helpful for users. And it allows sales and customer services reps to connect with consumers interested in a brand.

Why is California good for farming?

There are at least four aspects to California's agricultural economy that contributes to its success: its natural resources (land, sunny climate and water resources), its access to markets, its hard-working labor force, and the entrepreneurial nature of California's farm sector.

Why is China good for investment?

Fundamental reasons to take exposure to China: - The country is a large contributor to global consumption growth and the Chinese consumer is very wealthy and now accounts for about 35 percent of global spending on luxury goods, up from less than 20 percent a decade ago. 14 Sept 2021

Why is La good for music?

As music success depends on word-of-mouth, you can perform at one of the hundreds of live venues that the city has to offer. With plenty of talent nights, open-mic performances, and rookie events that draw in crowds, L.A. is a hotspot for finding a new band or voice that's popular with the masses.

Why is Weebly good for restaurants?

Weebly is a popular website builder that's great for simple restaurant websites. Weebly doesn't have a specific restaurant category, so you have to browse its themes to find a relevant design. Weebly's features could be better, but it does have a huge app store in case you want to add any extra integrations. 6 Sept 2021

Why is chocolate good for females?

Chocolate does have antioxidants, and antioxidants are beneficial for your health. They can help make your arteries more flexible and they can help you resist the oxidation of cholesterol. But, what if they had tried this study with apple skins or grapes?” In the study of 33,000 in total 1549 women had a stroke. 11 Oct 2011

Why is volatility Good for options?

Cognizance of volatility allows investors to better comprehend why option prices behave in certain ways. When options markets experience a downtrend, implied volatility generally increases.

Why is walking good for you?

Health benefits of walking increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness. reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. improved management of conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes. stronger bones and improved balance.

How is Instagram good for digital marketing?

Instagram stories is a way to get more direct with your audience, and, thanks to updates such as being able to mention accounts, add stickers, and shoppable tags, it's also become a great way to promote products. Not only that, it allows brands to interact one-on-one with their audience.

Why Disney is not good for kids?

The kid characters on Disney's shows are often mouthy and disrespectful to parents and authority figures (who are usually scripted as muddle-headed and embarrassingly square). Even many of the strange animated characters make crass and nasty comments. 8 Dec 2017

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