Why did Robbie Thompson leave supernatural?

Robbie Thompson joined Supernatural in Season 7 as a writer and story editor.
After Season 11, Thompson departed Supernatural for new projects.

Why did Andrea Thompson leave NYPD Blue?

Thompson, who played Detective Jill Kirkendall on the ABC police drama "NYPD Blue" until 1999, left the show because she said she wanted a job that allowed her more time with her child and to study economics. 14 Mar 2002

Why did Robbie Williams leave take that?

There were the usual musical differences, and tensions began to escalate in the band when Robbie started to miss rehearsals due to his excessive partying. He quit Take That in July 1995. 10 Sep 2021

Did Kenan Thompson leave SNL?

Even when they do get a sitcom now, they don't leave SNL; Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd both star on NBC's primetime sitcom Kenan, and both juggle it alongside SNL. With all of these traditional avenues out of SNL so hamstrung, it should come as no surprise that the show's stars are staying on for more and more years. 30 Sep 2021

When did Andrea Thompson leave JAG?

Thompson joined the cast of 'JAG' as Commander Alison Krennick. She was among many actors who left the show when it was canceled by NC. She then went to play on four seasons of the crime drama 'NYPD Blue,' leaving in April 2000 to pursue a career in journalism. Thompson started her journalism career in 1999. 8 Oct 2021

Why did Aaron Brooks leave the ghost inside?

It turns out Aaron is going to be a father soon and is probably taking responsibility and moving on from the band for that reason. Our sources linked this back to the Instagram account of his significant other, who is indeed pregnant. 9 Jan 2015

Why did Aaron Lewis leave Staind?

Upon being asked of the shift, Lewis was very direct in saying, “I grew up on country music… So when the time to came do [sic] something different I really didn't want to do a solo record that stayed in the rock genre. I didn't want to do something that was gonna constantly get compared to Staind lite.”

Why did Abbie Carmichael leave law and order?

Angie Harmon left 'Law and Order' to focus on new projects Angie Harmon left "Law & Order" in 2001 to focus on her film career, according to Variety's sources. "Law & Order" creator and executive producer Dick Wolf obliged her request and let her leave the NBC series early. 3 Jun 2021

Why did Abby Elliott leave Schitts Creek?

Elliott eventually dropped out due to other commitments, leaving the Levys to audition other actresses for Alexis.
Much of the random insertions of “Ew, David” with hand motions into her lines were ad-libbed by Murphy, so the iconic Schitt's Creek mannerisms from Alexis likely never would have happened without her. 10 Jul 2021

Why did Adam Baldwin leave Chuck?

Colonel John Casey (born Alexander Coburn) is portrayed by actor Adam Baldwin on the television show Chuck on NBC.
He left Carmichael Industries to pursue his love interest, Gertrude, in the series finale.

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