Why did Rob Strasser leave Nike?

Strasser left Nike in 1987 after leading it out of a slump by introducing the Air Jordan shoe line, which boasted endorsements by former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan. 31 Oct 1993

Why did Rob Estes leave 90210?

The network confirmed that Estes, who plays Harry Wilson on the show, has left the programme, reports Entertainment Weekly. The former Melrose Place cast member is apparently leaving over contract issues. "This is Rob's last season on 90210. He's a talented actor and we couldn't have asked for a better Harry Wilson. 21 Jan 2010

Why did Rob Liefeld leave Marvel?

Liefeld and several other popular young artists including Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino and Marc Silvestri left Marvel in 1992 to form Image Comics in a migration dubbed by fans as "the X-Odus" since many of these artists had worked on X-Men related titles for Marvel.

Why did Robin Strasser leave Another World?

Strasser returned to OLTL in 2001 and would remain a cast member until 2011, when she had to leave the show to focus on a health issue with her back.

Why did Rob Lowe leave Parks and Rec?

Rob Lowe, who played Chris Traeger, left the show about halfway through its sixth season. On set, he was married to Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones), and the two exited the show at the same time. Their storyline had them moving to Michigan after starting a family, but in reality, Lowe wanted to explore other opportunities. 7 Mar 2021

Why did Rob Schmitt leave Fox News?

Rob Schmitt left Fox and Friends First in August of 2020.
At first, they simply believed he was on vacation and was celebrating his 37th birthday which co-incidentally fell on August 13. He had shared a picture of him visiting his hometown Carmel, Indiana, on his Instagram.

Did Rob Morrow leave Northern Exposure?

Morrow is gone.
Morrow, looking to parlay his much-praised performance in Robert Redford's "Quiz Show" into a full-blown feature film career, announced in September he was leaving the series, "Northern Exposure" executive producer-writers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider were not exactly surprised. 28 Nov 1994

Why did Aaron Brooks leave the ghost inside?

It turns out Aaron is going to be a father soon and is probably taking responsibility and moving on from the band for that reason. Our sources linked this back to the Instagram account of his significant other, who is indeed pregnant. 9 Jan 2015

Why did Aaron Lewis leave Staind?

Upon being asked of the shift, Lewis was very direct in saying, “I grew up on country music… So when the time to came do [sic] something different I really didn't want to do a solo record that stayed in the rock genre. I didn't want to do something that was gonna constantly get compared to Staind lite.”

Why did Abbie Carmichael leave law and order?

Angie Harmon left 'Law and Order' to focus on new projects Angie Harmon left "Law & Order" in 2001 to focus on her film career, according to Variety's sources. "Law & Order" creator and executive producer Dick Wolf obliged her request and let her leave the NBC series early. 3 Jun 2021

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