Who was The Bachelor more than once?

The following year, The Bachelorette debuted. Since the show's initial premiere in 2002, 38 men and women have been named the Bachelor or Bachelorette. (Brad Womack remains the only star to lead the series more than once!) 25 Oct 2021

Who was The Bachelor in 2003?

Andrew Firestone For its first 25 seasons, the show was hosted by Chris Harrison.
Seasons. Original run March 24 – May 21, 2003 Bachelor Andrew Firestone Winner Jen Schefft Runner(s)-up Kirsten Buschbacher Proposal Yes 26 more columns

Who was The Bachelor in 2007?

Stephen Bradley Womack The show features the winemaker from Austin, Texas, Stephen Bradley Womack, courting 25 women. On November 19, 2007, during the final rose ceremony, Brad Womack became the first bachelor in the history of the show to reject all of the bachelorettes.

Who was The Bachelor in 2011?

Brad Womack The fifteenth season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. The season premiere aired on January 3, 2011. 38-year-old Brad Womack, who previously appeared as the Bachelor in season 11, where he rejected both of his final two women, returned as the Bachelor for this season.

Who was The Bachelor in 2013?

Sean Lowe The seventeenth season of The Bachelor premiered on January 7, 2013. This season features 29-year-old Sean Lowe, a former Kansas State football player from Irving, Texas. Lowe placed third as a contestant during the eighth season of The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard.

Who was the Bachelor after Ben?

He placed third on the 11th season of The Bachelorette featuring Kaitlyn Bristowe.
The Bachelor (American season 20) The Bachelor Promotional poster Starring Ben Higgins Country of origin United States No. of episodes 12 (including 2 specials) 7 more rows

Who was the bachelor that was a construction worker?

Joe Millionaire And he rocked the reality TV world in 2003 with a Fox show called Joe Millionaire. The concept was kind of like The Bachelor, which was just kicking off on ABC. Joe Millionaire (Marriott) was a hunky construction worker who pretended he was a millionaire as he wooed 20 women in a beautiful French castle. 20 Mar 2015

Who did the song More Than a Feeling?

Boston More Than a Feeling / Artists 'More Than a Feeling': Tom Scholz recalls the creation of Boston's enduring debut single. Forty years ago, the band Boston released its debut single, “More Than a Feeling.” The song was a big hit, reaching No. 5 on the Billboard chart — but that was just the start of the story. 13 Mar 2016

Who was the 16th Bachelor?

Ben Flajnik The 16th season of The Bachelor premiered on January 2, 2012. The show featured 28-year-old Ben Flajnik, a winemaker and owner of Envolve wines. He was rejected by Ashley Herbert in the 7th season of The Bachelorette.

Who was the 4th Bachelor?

Bob Guiney The 4th season of The Bachelor premiered on September 24, 2003. The show featured 32-year-old Bob Guiney, a creator of a mortgage company. He was previously rejected by Trista Rehn in the 1st season of The Bachelorette.

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