Who plays Crystal Housos?

Crystal Sullivan Crystal Sullivan (I) Crystal Sullivan is an actress, known for Housos (2011) and Housos vs. Authority (2012).

Who plays Crystal in criminal minds?

Gail O'Grady Gail O'Grady is back on Criminal Minds as her role of Krystall Richards, the third ex-wife of David Rossi. 11 Oct 2018

Who plays Shazza daughter in housos VS virus?

Kyrah Brock-Fenton (@kyrahanne) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who plays the dwarf in housos?

David Cooper David Cooper (XXV)

Does the actor who plays Barry Kripke really have a lisp?

Is it real? Barry Kripke's speech impediment is a real thing but isn't one that directly affects actor Bowie. Known as rhotacism, the impediment hinders someone's ability to pronounce the letter R. Big Bang star Bowie revealed why Barry talks like this in a Q&A on his official Tumblr page. 31 Oct 2019

How big is the guy who plays the hound in Game of Thrones?

According to Martin's books, Gregor is 8 feet tall and 420 pounds. His exceptionally large size got him the nickname "The Mountain That Rides," shortened to the Mountain.

Is the actor who plays Dean on claws autistic?

Now Perrineau is taking on the role of Dean Simms on the TNT drama “Claws,” starring Niecy Nash, and he said his character, who has autism, is based on a real person. Harold Perrineau talked about playing the character Dean Simms on the TNT drama “Claws.” 14 Jul 2019

Is the actor who plays Endeavour in Vigil?

Shaun Evans is well known for playing a young Endeavour Morse in the ITV drama series Endeavour. However, he's now taken on a new role in the BBC's thriller series Vigil. While opening up about the plot of the new show, Shaun confessed he couldn't imagine anything worse than working on a submarine for weeks at a time. 26 Sep 2021

Is the actress who plays Kensi pregnant?

Daniela Ruah Expecting Second Child The NCIS: Los Angeles actor's costar Daniela Ruah and his older brother David Olsen are expecting their second child this fall, the mom-to-be announced Monday on Instagram.
Ruah and Olsen met on NCIS: Los Angeles, where she plays Special Agent Kensi Blye. 2 Dec 2020

Is the actress who plays Piper Chapman pregnant?

"Taylor [Schilling, who played Piper] and I were wrapped in a shower curtain naked, with our arms penned behind our backs." It was right after finishing those scenes that Prepon says she found out she was pregnant.
Prepon and husband Ben Foster welcomed a second child in February. 5 Apr 2020

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