WHO IS Rover married to?

You heard right — the night before the big concert, at a special pre-party at Rover's home, guests were pleasantly surprised when Rover and his girlfriend Brittany (center) tied the knot, followed by a surprise performance by Lil Jon! 24 Jul 2018

Who is Brandy married to now?

After defending reports that she and record producer Robert Smith, the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Sy'rai, were never married, Brandy became engaged to pro basketball player Quentin Richardson. 5 Aug 2004

Who is Brandy married to?

At the end of 2012, Norwood became engaged to music executive Ryan Press.

Who is Cascada married to?

Natalie Horler Years active 2004–present Spouse(s) Moritz Raffelberg ​ ( m. 2011)​ Children 1 Parent(s) David Horler Christine Horler 10 more rows

Who is Chiquibaby married to?

Stephanie Himonidis, a popular Hispanic television and radio star known as “Chiquibaby,” alleges in a new lawsuit that she along with her husband Gerardo Lopez were fired by the Spanish Broadcasting System after objecting to an illegal payola scheme. 16 Sep 2016

Who is DDP married to?

Brenda Nair m. 2015 Kimberly Page m. 1991–2005 Diamond Dallas Page / Spouse In 2015, Page married Brenda Nair. They separated in 2019. The divorce was finalized in 2020. Page has two daughters, Brittany Page (born 1987) and Kimberly Page (born 1994), and two stepdaughters, Alexandra "Lexy" Nair (born 1996) and Rachel Nair (born 2001).

Who is Doonesbury married to?

While recovering from his injuries, Toggle met Alex Doonesbury through Facebook. The two hit it off and began dating. They got engaged in early March 2012 and married in June 2012.

Who is Finn married to in real life?

Tanner Novlan Years active 2009–present Height 1.85 m ( 6 ft 1 in ) Spouse(s) Kayla Ewell ​ ( m. 2015)​ Children 1 2 more rows

Who is Giovanni married to?

Giovanni Pernice (born 5 September 1990) is an Italian professional dancer, best known for his appearances on the British television show Strictly Come Dancing.
Giovanni Pernice Known for Strictly Come Dancing Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Partner(s) Ashley Roberts (2018–2020) 3 more rows

Who is Klaus married to?

Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson) He has been married to Persia White, whom he met on the set of The Vampire Diaries, since July 2014. 6 days ago

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