WHO adopted James MacArthur?

actress Helen Hayes MacArthur, star of the television series Hawaii Five-O, was adopted as an infant by actress Helen Hayes (1900-93) and her husband, playwright Charles MacArthur (1895-1956). The family included a born-to daughter, Mary.

Who is the mother of James MacArthur?

Helen Hayes James MacArthur / Mothers James MacArthur grew up in New York, the adopted son of stage actress Helen Hayes and playwright Charles MacArthur. He married three times -- most recently to H. B. Duntz, in 1984. 28 Oct 2010

WHO adopted Addison's baby?

son Henry After opening the season with a decision to pick Jake over Sam (Taye Diggs), Addison — who adopted son Henry in season five — moved closer to having the fairy tale life she's dreamed of for more than eight and a half years, dating back to the character's origin on Grey's Anatomy. 17 Dec 2012

WHO adopted Little Orphan Annie?

Warbucks Albert Finney as Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks, a billionaire businessman who adopts Annie as his daughter.

WHO adopted Peggy Olson's baby?

Season 7: Killing It Peggy reaches that level in Season 7, when she wins the Burger Chef account with a perfect pitch about the changing structure of families as America heads into the 1970s. She also reveals that she gave her baby up for adoption to Stan, a man with whom she has spent four seasons building intimacy. 14 May 2015

WHO adopted Yandy?

Infinity Gilyard If you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta or tuned into Love and Hip Hop New York over the years, you know that star Yandy Smith adopted a then-teen girl named Infinity Gilyard whom she mentored for years. This occurred while her husband, Mendeecees Harris, was in prison. 3 Aug 2021

Who animated James Baxter?

In 2018, Baxter, along with fellow animators Stephen Hillenburg (months before his death), Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby won the Winsor McCay Award at the 2018 Annie Awards.
Filmography. Year 2019 Title Steven Universe (TV Series) Credits Additional Animation - 1 Episode Characters Steven Universe 36 more columns

Who are James Last violinists?

James Last's Orchestra Alfred Meichsner. Anne-Louise Comeford. Boris Bachman. Bruno Ogiba. Christine Kaulbach. Dara Matchin. Dimiter Pintev. Erica Walczak. More items

Who are James Turlington parents?

Personal: James Turlington Carter was born on Mar. 10 in Pomona, Calif. to parents James Carter and Kelly Burns

Who did James Bond marry?

Along the way Bond meets, falls in love with, and eventually marries Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo (Diana Rigg). The film's final chase ends when Blofeld becomes snared in a tree branch and injures his neck. Bond and Tracy marry in Portugal, then drive away in Bond's Aston Martin.

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