Where was the Wizard of Oz filmed?

Culver City Filmed at MGM Studios in Culver City, California, The Wizard of Oz was a modest box-office success when it was first released, but its popularity continued to grow after it was televised for the first time in 1956.

Where was The Ides of March filmed?

The movie was filmed in Michigan and Ohio. Visit the movie locations in Michigan where Ides of March was filmed, hear the behind the scenes stories of the filming and visit the same places where some of the big stars enjoyed their free time in Michigan.

Where was the outside of Cheers filmed?

Boston Located at 84 Beacon Street across from Boston Public Garden, the bar's facade served as the establishing shot for all eleven seasons of "Cheers." 5 Feb 2015

Where was the Return to Oz filmed?

The History of Chitterne - Return to Oz. Countryside on the outskirts of Chitterne doubled for Kansas, USA in the film Return to Oz, a follow-up to the Wizard of Oz, based on a story by L. Frank Baum. A copse alongside Down Barn Road on MoD land became the setting for Dorothy's home in Kansas.

Where was the pursuit of happyness filmed?

San Francisco Where was The Pursuit of Happyness Filmed? The Pursuit of Happyness was filmed in Alameda, Candlestick Park (Closed), Glen Park Station, Golden Gate Park, Grand Lake Theatre, Oakland, San Francisco, San Leandro and Treasure Island.

Where was the remake of Sabrina filmed?

The 1995 romantic comedy Sabrina was filmed at a house known as Salutations, a Long Island mansion built in the 1920s. The movie was a remake of the 1950s classic with Julia Ormond in Audrey Hepburn's role and Harrison Ford in Humphrey Bogart's. 25 Jan 2009

Where was the winds of war filmed?

Principal locations were Zagreb, Opatija and Rijeka in Yugoslavia; Berchtesgaden and Munich in West Germany; Siena, Florence, Milan and Rome, Italy; London, UK; Vienna, Austria; Naval Station Bremerton in Bremerton, Washington and throughout the Los Angeles area and Southern California.

Where was the Dukes of Hazzard filmed?

The first five episodes were filmed in Covington and Conyers, Georgia and surrounding areas, including some location work in nearby Atlanta.

Where was the legend of Hercules filmed?

Bulgaria Rival movie The Legend of Hercules was filmed in Bulgaria but was released with little fanfare in March. Hercules has been a popular character for decades. 28 Jul 2014

Was Judy Garland pregnant during The Wizard of Oz?

Perhaps most famous for her character Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Garland is less known for the trail of destruction which marked her off-screen life.
She had fallen pregnant during the height of her popularity, yet Garland voiced her desire to have the baby. 10 Oct 2019

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