Where is Slash today?

Slash is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States. A British national since his birth, he has resided in Los Angeles since 1971 but did not acquire American citizenship until 1996.

Where is Babylon today?

Babylon is one of the most famous cities of the ancient world. It was the center of a flourishing culture and an important trade hub of the Mesopotamian civilization. The ruins of Babylon can be found in modern-day Iraq, about 52 miles (approximately 85 kilometers) to the southwest of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. 26 May 2021

Where is Blake today?

Hudak also testified on Blake's behalf during the murder trial. A year later, the couple filed for divorce. Blake has been seen even less following his divorce and his current whereabouts are unknown. However, it can be assumed that he is living in Los Angeles. 23 Jan 2021

Where is Brian today?

Since then, France has launched Silver Falcon Capital, Inc., a direct investment firm that intends to design, develop and market brand growth at faster rates. "I'm working with a lot of entrepreneurs and people launching new businesses," France said. 23 Jul 2020

Where is Gotye today?

De Backer, 37, now lives in Brooklyn and has been busy performing with Australian band The Basics, doing charity work, appearing in a documentary, launching two record labels, and working on a new Gotye album. 24 Jul 2017

Where is Hockney today?

He now lives and works in Normandy, where he spent much of 2020 creating The Arrival of Spring (currently on display at the Royal Academy in London) and the ever-changing lights of the Normandy countryside.

Where is Jadakiss today?

He is currently signed to Def Jam and D-Block. Jadakiss' debut solo album, Kiss Tha Game Goodbye, was released in 2001.

Where is Joji today?

Personal life. Miller lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Where is Kel today?

He is a convert to Christianity. In December 2019, he became a youth pastor at Spirit Food Christian Center in Winnetka, Los Angeles.

Where is Minkus today?

Adult Minkus is a hugely successful businessman who is now married to Shawn Hunter's ex-girlfriend. 10 Aug 2016

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