What team holds the homerun record?

the Minnesota Twins The most home runs hit by a Major League Baseball (MLB) team in a season is 307, and was achieved by the Minnesota Twins (USA), from 28 March to 29 September 2019.

What woman holds the Guinness World Record as the most downloaded person on the Internet?

Danni Ashe, the president of Danni's Hard Drive, claims that her picture has been downloaded over 841 million times in the past four years, making her the No. 1 woman downloaded on the Internet. The Guinness Book of World Records is currently reviewing Ashe's data to confirm that she is the all-time download diva. 8 Aug 2000

What baseball team has the worst record ever?

Louis Browns and 1899 Cleveland Spiders. The 1899 Cleveland Spiders own the worst single-season record of all time (minimum 120 games) and for all eras, finishing at 20–134 (.

What team are the McCourty brothers on?

Cornerback Jason McCourty reportedly agreed to a one-year contract with the Miami Dolphins in free agency Thursday, ending a three-year run with the New England Patriots playing alongside his twin brother, safety Devin McCourty.

What team did the Beatles Support?

Sir Paul McCartney was brought up in an Evertonian family and has supported the Blues since childhood. Sir Paul is the only Beatle to support a Merseyside team. Both John Lennon and George Harrison never expressed any interest in the beautiful game while Ringo has confessed to being an Arsenal fan due to his stepdad.

What team has the most Hall of Famers NFL?

The Chicago Bears Most hall of famers of any NFL franchise The Chicago Bears, one of the most historic and longest-running franchises in the history of the NFL, holds this distinction. 25 Aug 2021

What team is the Dirty Birds?

Falcons From the OGs to the latest generation of Falcons fans, we're all Dirty Birds!

What team is the program based on?

Ward: Joe Kane is based on a guy named Tom Bill, who played at Penn State, and the whole thing [the alcohol rehab] where James Caan tries to get Collins, the second-string quarterback, reinstated, that all happened at Penn State. 28 Sep 2018

What team swept the Lakers?

Although the Spurs and Lakers have played each other in the Western Conference since 1981, they weren't considered rivals until 1999, when the Spurs swept the Lakers 4–0, eventually winning their first NBA title. They had met in the 1982, 1983, 1986, 1988, and 1995 NBA Playoffs.

Who holds the NHL record for most penalty minutes in a season?

Dave Schultz Most Penalty Minutes in One NHL Season Overall Rk Name PIM 1 Dave Schultz 472 2 Paul Baxter 409 3 Mike Peluso 408 10 more rows

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