What is the Champions Club at Target Field?

Champion's Club seating at Target Field offers fantastic home plate views, in-seat wait service and complimentary food and beverage (excluding liquor and premium beer and wine). In addition, you will have access to the private Champion's Club, a private entrance to the ballpark and private restrooms.

What is the Champions Club at Heinz Field?

PNC Champions Club Champions Club sections are some of the best seats at Heinz Field. On the Steelers seating chart these include five Field Club sections (F1-F5) and sections 148-150. Ticketholders get access to the PNC Champions Club, an indoor climate-controlled lounge with the following features: Premium food and beverage options.

What is the Champions Club at Bryant-Denny?

The Champions Club is located on the west side of Bryant-Denny Stadium and offers sideline views from the end zone to 25-yard lines. Champions Club patrons enjoy an all-inclusive catered buffet in the enclosed, air-conditioned club.

What is the Champions Club at Nationals Park?

The Champions Club is a versatile and open space, spanning the ballpark from first to third base. It is the optimal setting for large gatherings from galas to dinners.

What is the Hyundai Club at Citi Field?

The Hyundai Club includes seats that are the closest club seats to the field in the NFL located just 41 feet from the sideline. These club seats provide exclusive and convenient access to some of the finest amenities and services in all of sports.

What is the purple line at Coors Field?

While most of the seats in Coors Field are dark green, the seats in the 20th row of the upper deck are purple to mark the elevation of one mile (5280 ft; 1,609 m) above sea level.

What is the Diamond Club at Temple University?

The Temple University Diamond Club holds membership in the Association of Faculty Clubs International, which gives members reciprocal privileges at almost 100 faculty clubs throughout the United States and Canada.

What is the East Club at Little Caesars Arena?

East Club at Little Caesars Arena Tickets holders in sections 108-109 will be granted access to the East Club. This is Little Caesar Arena's largest club, located just off the Via, and provides easy access to the main concourse. The liveliest club of all, this is a go-to spot before and after games. 17 Sept 2021

What is the Lexus Club at Rangers Stadium?

The Lexus Club Level is located around the entire length of the seating bowl, and provides VIP seating, white paneling, and black and white tiled floors. Smoking is not permitted on the Lexus Club Level. The Lexus Club Level offers in-seat service for all of your food and beverage needs. 10 Jan 2014

What is the Players Club at Little Caesars Arena?

the Comerica Players Club The crown jewel of Little Caesars Arena, the Comerica Players Club provides access to seating directly behind the players' benches. The Comerica Players Club is directly across from the Red Wings Locker room where you'll come face to face with players as they walk directly through the club to and from the locker room.

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