What happened to Ty from Extreme Home Makeover?

Ty Pennington's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was axed After 202 episodes, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was canceled by ABC in 2012. The popular show tore down and rebuilt economical and sustainable homes for deserving families each week. 14 Oct 2021

What happened to Marv from Home Alone?

Daniel Stern (Marv Merchants) After reprising the role of Marv in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, the actor continued his voice work as narrator on the hit series The Wonder Years until its finale in 1993. 3 Dec 2020

What happened to Ajax from the Warriors?

The beginning of the comic shows Ajax and Swan fighting for the title of Warchief. Swan wins, but Ajax refuses to accept he has lost. After his arrest, Ajax is sent to a low security prison where inmates are sent after the regular jails are full.

What happened to Ames from The Bachelorette?

Ames Brown has found his happy ending. The Bachelorette Season 7 contestant, who vied for Ashley Hebert's heart and was ultimately rejected after his hometown date, has married his longtime love Allison Palm, according to the New York Times. 20 Sept 2017

What happened to Andrew from Wham?

Then he turned his back on acting and permanently moved back to England. Around this same time, Andrew and his girlfriend, Keren Woodward (from Bananarama) moved into a medieval cottage in Wadebridge, Cornwall where they still live. Despite separating for a few years in 2017, they remain together. 22 Jul 2021

What happened to Andy from Weeds?

Andy Botwin — After Andy left Nancy, he moved away and into his father's old house. He found suburban happiness, opened a restaurant, made a baby with a waitress friend, and became a loving, drama-free father.
Now, they're married, they have a baby, and they lead a happy life together. Shane Botwin — Poor Shane. 17 Sep 2012

What happened to Artie from Glee?

Artie Abrams is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee portrayed as the ""glue"" of the glee club.
Artie uses a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury he sustained in a car crash at the age of eight.

What happened to Avi from pentatonix?

On May 12, 2017, Kaplan announced that he would be leaving Pentatonix following their scheduled tour. In a video announcing his departure, he stated that although he loved being in the group, it was difficult for him to keep up with the group's demanding schedule, which required him to spend less time with his family.

What happened to Bailey from WKRP in Cincinnati?

Although Bailey did not appear in the sequel series, The New WKRP in Cincinnati, it is revealed that she later left broadcasting and became the mayor of Ann Arbor, Michigan (an ironic fate for an Ohio State grad, as Ann Arbor is the home of OSU's great rival, the University of Michigan).

What happened to Barrett from Barrett-Jackson?

Barrett decided to retire in 1997 and died seven years later. In 1997 Craig Jackson took the company to a new level as he had been involved very early in the game and had all the necessary talents to take this company to new heights.

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