What happened to Frankie on Days of Our Lives?

As the relationship hit bottom and the rest of his life was less than stellar, Frankie decided to leave the town behind him. Although he left, he couldn't escape. He was captured by Lawrence Alamain, the man who knew his secret identity.

What happened to Victor on Days of Our Lives 2021?

Victor Kiriakis has been on DAYS OF OUR LIVES for decades and has survived a lot, even death.
Eventually, Victor chose to retire from crime and become a legitimate businessman for the sake of his children, but continued to use underhanded means whenever necessary. 23 Sep 2021

What happened to Sami on Days of Our Lives?

Speaking of which, Days of Our Lives fan-favorite Sami has been off the canvas for quite some time. Of course, the show wrote her hiatus off as a “kidnapping.” But while Alison Sweeney has been busy filming made-for-TV movies, she still makes time to periodically return to Salem. 16 Sep 2021

What happened to Sammy on Days of Our Lives?

After getting involved with Franco, Sami married him so he could remain in the country, but he was killed on their wedding day and Kate framed Sami for the murder. She was sentenced to death, but in the middle of her execution, Lucas confessed to save her. 12 Aug 2021

What happened to Aiden Jennings on Days of Our Lives?

Aiden was arrested and taken to the Salem PD. He refused to speak to anyone, but Hope. Hope came in and Aiden explained that Andre and Stefano had him kidnapped, and replaced with an imposter.

What happened to Chloe's face on Days of Our Lives?

Disfigured from a car accident, Chloe let Brady believe she'd died. After he learned the truth, she underwent reconstructive surgery and they were married.
Philip was granted custody of Parker, but he moved Chloe into the Kiriakis mansion so they could raise their son together. 2 Aug 2021

What happened to Kim and Shane on Days of Our Lives?

In Miami Bo, Hope, Kim, and Shane were all out to destroy Victor's plan. Shane had been imprisoned by Victor, but Kimberly slept with Victor in order to spare his life.
By the end of the year Shane and Kimberly became engaged, but Kimberly soon learned she was pregnant, and she feared Victor was the child's father.

What happened to Neil Curtis on Days of Our Lives?

Neil was a doctor and a compulsive gambler. He had a daughter, Sarah Horton, with Maggie Horton. He was last seen talking about Carly with Victor; then Neil said he was leaving because he had patients to see. The character then disappeared without explanation.

What happened to Susan Banks on Days of Our Lives?

Friends and family try desperately to convince him that he's been brainwashed by his "mother" Susan and to return to Salem. When Roger confirms that Susan isn't Will's biological mother, Susan suffers a mental breakdown and is hospitalized. Will decides to return to Salem to learn about his former life.

What happened to Tony and Marie on Days of Our Lives?

Realizing that Tony still loves Marie, Craig divorces her to let her be with Tony. But Marie has changed. She distrusts Tony, and they break up in 1967. Tony leaves Salem.

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