What happened to CC from The Nanny?

To explain Lane's absence while she left the show to give birth to her daughter, Kate, C.C. was shipped off to a mental hospital while she recovered from her breakdown over Maxwell and Fran's engagement. “In real life, I had my daughter, and I was back on set in two weeks. 6 May 2021

What happened to Ajax from the Warriors?

The beginning of the comic shows Ajax and Swan fighting for the title of Warchief. Swan wins, but Ajax refuses to accept he has lost. After his arrest, Ajax is sent to a low security prison where inmates are sent after the regular jails are full.

What happened to Ames from The Bachelorette?

Ames Brown has found his happy ending. The Bachelorette Season 7 contestant, who vied for Ashley Hebert's heart and was ultimately rejected after his hometown date, has married his longtime love Allison Palm, according to the New York Times. 20 Sept 2017

What happened to Brick from the middle?

Shaffer has type four osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition involving a defect in type 1 collagen, which causes fragile bones and short stature; he is 4' 8" (142 cm) tall.

What happened to Darlene from the Mickey Mouse Club?

She was sentenced to two years in prison, but was released after serving only three months. In 2005, she and her husband were indicted on federal charges of filing multiple fraudulent claims in the settlement of a class-action lawsuit. The charges have since been dropped. Fraschilla died in 2008.

What happened to Desiree from the Bachelor?

Desiree, who works as a wedding dress designer, announced in 2018 that she was pregnant with the pair's second son. Us broke the news in January 2019 that Desiree gave birth to a second son named Zander. 25 Oct 2021

What happened to Doyle from The Professionals?

Lewis Collins, best known for his role as Bodie in the 1970s TV series The Professionals, has died aged 67 after a five-year struggle with cancer. The show thrust Collins and co-star Martin Shaw, who played Doyle, to stardom as a crime-fighting duo.
28 Nov 2013

What happened to Dunbar from the challenge?

Since leaving Sydney, Dunbar has graduated from college, become a real estate broker and gotten more serious with his girlfriend. But with his unresolved tension with Ashli and all the other female temptations, Dunbar has his work cut out for him on The Island.

What happened to Elodie from The Hills?

Since then, Elodie attempted to launch her own line of bath and beauty products, but the plans fizzled. Now, she has moved to Phoenix, AZ, where she works as a Director Of Operations at CWW connectworldwide.

What happened to Isabel from The Office?

On the dance, Isabel and Dwight are shown prancing down the isle together, and Dwight accidentally kicks Isabel in the face.
However, strangely, Isabel does not show up on the show again, and because Dwight married Angela a few seasons later, it's easy to infer that they broke up.

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