What does jenji mean?

Meaning of Jenji: Name Jenji in the American origin, means The short name for Jennifer.

What does 12 mean in Bristol?

More specifically, 1990's Bristol was the apex that made NASCAR drivers and fans lose their minds. With just 12 laps to go of the 500 scheduled in the 1999 night race at Bristol Motor Speedway, Terry Labonte was leading. Dale Earnhardt was running 2nd. 11 lap to go, Bobby Labonte went up in smoke. 18 Aug 2018

What does 12A mean in movies?

12A means that anyone aged 12 or over can go and see the film unaccompanied. The A stands for 'accompanied' and 'advisory'. Children younger than 12 may see the film if they are accompanied by an adult (eg someone over the age of 18), who must watch the film with them.

What does 1738 mean on Tiktok?

1738, which is melodiously crooned in the intro of the song, is a direct reference to the New Jersey rapper's squad: Remy Boyz 1738. The name is inspired by the cognac liquor that they consider to be 'the finest': Remy Martin 1738.

What does 1868 mean on the Illinois seal?

In the eagle's beak there is a banner with the state motto, "State Sovereignty, National Union." The dates on the seal, 1818 and 1868, represent the year Illinois became a state and the year in which the Great Seal was redesigned by Sharon Tyndale.

What does 1W mean in Supercross?

1W — Justin Cooper. 1E — Colt Nichols. 2* — Cooper Webb. 3* — Eli Tomac. 6* — Jeremy Martin.

What does 2021 mean?

It went from calling someone something akin to a "dopehead" to a meaningful honor, in Lil B's eyes, at least. "Based means being yourself," says Lil B. "Not being scared of what people think about you. Not being afraid to do what you wanna do. Being positive. 30 Nov 2020

What does 2NL mean poker?

By the way, 2NL refers to the $2 maximum buyin no limit holdem cash games online. Some people also call it NL2, which means the exact same thing. The blinds at 2NL are always 1 cent in the small blind and 2 cents in the big blind.

What does 5021 mean?

Voight uses the radio code “5021 Adam” whenever he needs to communicate with other officers or call for backup. In most episodes, he has reduced the code to 5021. All intelligence officers in the department have “5021” as the beginning of their code followed by a word in the Police Phonetic Alphabet. 22 Feb 2021

What does 5150 mean in Bloods?

According to Urban Dictionary, 5150 can be defined as a “police code for crazy one on the loose. Danger to property, danger to others, and danger to themselves.” It's also apparently the California police code for “crazy” or someone who is a danger. 15 Apr 2021

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