What did Tom Ford do for Gucci?

Tom Ford, (born August 27, 1961, Austin, Texas, U.S.), American fashion designer and film director who was credited with reviving the fashion house Gucci during his tenure as creative director (1994–2004). He started an eponymous line in 2005.

What did Abedi Pele do for Ghana?

Abedi Ayew Pelé, (born Nov. 5, 1964, Ghana), Ghanaian football (soccer) player who was the only man to have won the African Player of the Year award three consecutive times (1991–93). 1 Nov 2021

What did Anwar Sadat do for Egypt?

He initiated serious peace negotiations with Israel, an achievement for which he shared the 1978 Nobel Prize for Peace with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Under their leadership, Egypt and Israel made peace with each other in 1979. Sadat graduated from the Cairo Military Academy in 1938. 2 Oct 2021

What did Archie Manning do for a living?

Post-NFL career He has served as an analyst with the Saints' radio and television broadcasts, and has worked as a commentator for CBS Sports' college football broadcasts. Archie has also appeared as a commercial spokesman for products in Southeast Louisiana, where he remains popular with many fans.

What did Arthur Ashe do for Virginia?

He won the title in 1960 when the tournament was held in Wheeling, West Virginia, becoming the first African American to do so. He won again in 1961. Despite his on-court successes, Ashe was little recognized in Richmond.

What did Beck Weathers do for a living?

Beck Weathers is a pathologist living in Dallas. The film “Everest” recounts a 1996 attempt to scale the world's tallest peak. Eight mountain climbers died. Beck Weathers survived, but the doctor from Dallas lost one hand, the fingers in another, and he endured at least ten surgeries. 18 Sep 2015

What did Benazir Bhutto do for Pakistan?

Bhutto became the first female Prime Minister in a Muslim-majority country, as well as Pakistan's second nationally elected Prime Minister. At 35 years old, she was the youngest elected leader in the Islamic world, the world's youngest Prime Minister, and the youngest female Prime Minister ever elected.

What did Bill Gates do for the world?

Entrepreneur and businessman Bill Gates and his business partner Paul Allen founded and built the world's largest software business, Microsoft, through technological innovation, keen business strategy and aggressive business tactics. In the process, Gates became one of the richest men in the world.

What did Chrissy Snow do for a living?

Chrissy, who worked in a law office as a typing receptionist, was played by Suzanne Somers. In the original unaired pilot to Three's Company, the character that became Chrissy (then called Samantha) was portrayed by Susanne Zenor.

What did David Attenborough do for the environment?

Although he was a founding member of the World Wildlife Fund in the 1960s, filmmaker and environmentalist Sir David Attenborough has long focused mainly on the beauties and mysteries of nature rather than its destruction, conveying his own genuine wonderment with a dash of wry wit to entice viewers to love and conserve
7 Jun 2021

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