What can cause smog?

Main Causes of Smog Using Coal as a Fuel.
Vehicular and Industrial Emissions.
Overpopulation & Excessive Consumption.
Excessive Waste Production.
Burning of Agricultural Material.
Construction Activities.
Natural Causes.

What can cause acute pneumonia and anemia?

G6PD. Acute blood loss such as GI bleed or trauma. Chronic disease. Chronic renal insufficiency. Hypothyroidism. Bone marrow suppression. Hemolysis. Aplastic anemia. 4 Sep 2019

What can cause congenital glaucoma?

Childhood glaucoma — also referred to as congenital glaucoma, pediatric, or infantile glaucoma — occurs in babies and young children. It is usually diagnosed within the first year of life. This is a rare condition that may be inherited, caused by incorrect development of the eye's drainage system before birth. 22 Dec 2020

What can cause sudden hearing loss?

What causes sudden deafness? Infections. Head trauma. Autoimmune diseases. Exposure to certain drugs that treat cancer or severe infections. Blood circulation problems. Neurological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis. Disorders of the inner ear, such as Ménière's disease. 14 Sep 2018

What can cause Guillain Barré syndrome?

Guillain-Barre syndrome may be triggered by: Most commonly, infection with campylobacter, a type of bacteria often found in undercooked poultry. Influenza virus. Cytomegalovirus. Epstein-Barr virus. Zika virus. Hepatitis A, B, C and E. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Mycoplasma pneumonia. More items
• 23 Jul 2021

What can cause a false carbon monoxide alarm?

Reasons for false alarms include faulty detectors, humidity in the air and substances in the air that cause fumes, such as kitty litter. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has alerted the public of several faulty carbon monoxide detectors.

What can cause delayed period?

There are several possible causes of delayed or missing periods: stress. low or high body weight. polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) hormonal contraceptives. chronic conditions such as diabetes or celiac disease. thyroid issues. menopause. pregnancy.

What can cause mental illness?

What causes mental disorders? Your genes and family history. Your life experiences, such as stress or a history of abuse, especially if they happen in childhood. Biological factors such as chemical imbalances in the brain. A traumatic brain injury. A mother's exposure to viruses or toxic chemicals while pregnant. More items

What can cause slow Internet?

Why is your internet so slow? Your internet plan is too slow. You need better network management. Your provider's network is congested. You exceeded your data cap. You have weak Wi-Fi signals. You have high latency. You have slow or outdated devices. Your provider is throttling your connection. 4 Nov 2021

What medications can cause Steven Johnson Syndrome?

The medicines that most commonly cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome are: allopurinol. carbamazepine. lamotrigine. nevirapine. the ""oxicam"" class of anti-inflammatory drugs (including meloxicam and piroxicam) phenobarbital. phenytoin. sulfamethocazole and other sulfa antibiotics. More items

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