Was Arshavin a good player?

He was a very good guy but very shy. He didn't really open up so much to us. It was hard to tell whether he was happy in London or not because he kept everything inside of him." If Arshavin did reach out during his time at Arsenal, it was not to his teammates but his fans.

Was Baggio a good player?

Baggio mainly played as second striker or an attacking midfielder, though he was capable of playing in many positions. He was renowned for his dribbling skills, goal scoring and especially his curling free kicks and is widely known as one of the greatest football players of all time. 31 May 2021

Was Probert a good player?

Bob Probert, the former Red Wings and Blackhawks player who died Monday at age 45, wasn't a great player. Hundreds of men suited up for the Red Wings who had more talent in their left pinky than Probert possessed in his mammoth body.

Was Danny Ainge a good player?

Ainge became the only athlete ever to be named a First Team All-American in football, basketball and baseball as a prep senior at Oregon's North Eugene High. He was the John Wooden award winner as the best player in college basketball as a BYU senior, hitting one of the most iconic shots in NCAA tournament history. 2 Jun 2021

Was Jason Giambi a good player?

Jason Giambi had an excellent MLB career 277 with 440 home runs, 1,4441 RBIs, and 405 doubles from 1995-2014. A bruising first baseman who moved to designated hitter later in his career, Giambi earned five All-Star nods and won AL MVP honors in 2000. 18 Apr 2020

Was Patrick Vieira a good player?

He's one of the best players in the world." Those who saw the game would have to concede that Vieira was excellent, and in a break from tradition, Arsene Wenger saw what happened on the pitch too:- "He won the ball and played it forward for the first two goals and then scored the third.

Was Billy Beane a good player?

Unfortunately, his playing career never panned out. Oakland Athletics executive Billy Beane may be the best known member of any front office in baseball.
However, before that time, he was a highly regarded prospect in baseball. 27 Apr 2020

Was Byron Scott a good player?

After all, Scott wasn't just a Lakers coach. He is also one of the best players in the history of the franchise.
Maybe, but Scott is also 10th all-time in win shares for the Lakers, ninth in VORP (Value Over Replacement Player) and fourth in both steals (1,038) and threes made (595). 24 Apr 2020

Was Bill Walton a good player?

Bill Walton was one of the best-passing big men in NBA history, able to facilitate championship-caliber offense. Though remembered by many for a career plagued by injuries and a personal life spiced by controversy, Bill Walton won high praise from players and coaches alike during his checkered career.

Was Liberace a good piano player?

What's certain is that WÅ‚adziu Valentino Liberace had the potential to be a great concert pianist. He was described as a prodigy during his teenage years in the suburbs of Milwaukee, often eschewing typical social activities to practice instead.
This is where Liberace and serious concert pianism part ways. 22 May 2013

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