Was Arnold Vosloo in Titanic?

Vosloo and Ahí are spokespersons for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW.
According to Vosloo, when people came asking him if he was "the guy in Titanic", he replied "of course, of course!" as a joke.

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Simpsons movie?

President Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is the supporting character of the Simpsons movie.
He is the central antagonist of The Simpsons Movie.

Was Arnold Vosloo a bodybuilder?

Arnold Vosloo, a professional bodybuilder and an idol for thousands of male models across the globe, is all geared up to mark his Bollywood entry next year. 20 Jun 2020

Was Mr Fantastic in Titanic?

He first came to public attention as Fifth Officer Harold Lowe in Titanic (1997), and then for his portrayal of Horatio Hornblower in the Hornblower series of television films (1998–2003).

Who was old lady in Titanic?

Actress Gloria Stuart Actress Gloria Stuart, who played an elderly shipwreck survivor in the film Titanic, has died at the age of 100. The blonde actress appeared in several films during the 1930s, before retiring from acting in 1946. 27 Sep 2010

How old was Kate Winslet in Titanic?

21 Kate Winslet was just 21 when her role in “Titanic” catapulted her to international stardom, and she recently opened up about feeling “bullied” and “criticized” by the press after the movie came out. 14 Jan 2021

How old was Arnold in Commando?

around 37/38 years old Arnold was around 37/38 years old when he made ""Commando"".

How old was DiCaprio in Titanic?

21 years old DiCaprio, 21 years old at the time, was brought to Cameron's attention by casting director Mali Finn. Initially, he did not want the role and refused to read his first romantic scene (see below).

How old was Kate in Titanic?

21 Kate Winslet says she was bullied by the press after being propelled to stardom at the age of 21 when she starred in James Cameron's blockbuster Titanic. 14 Jan 2021

Where was Arnold's Diner in Happy Days?

According to Tom Miller, one of the show's Executive producers and co-creators who graduated from Nicolete High School in Glendale, WI., Arnold's was based on the old Milky-Way, at 5373 N. Port Washington Road, which closed in November 1977. As of this date (9/14/2015) the location is now a Kopps Frozen Custard. 13 Sep 2015

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