Was Angela actually pregnant in the office?

Years before her character became pregnant in season 8 of The Office, Angela Kinsey was actually pregnant with her first child, Isabel, whom she welcomed in 2008 with then-husband Warren Lieberstein (via People).
"My pregnancy wasn't written into the season arc because it didn't exist for part of the season. 15 Mar 2021

Was Pam really pregnant in The Office?

She appeared in a recurring role in the eighth season. The episode also relates to Pam's pregnancy. Jenna Fischer was actually pregnant and her pregnancy was written into the series with Pam and Jim having their second baby.

Was Camryn Manheim pregnant in the practice?

In 2000, during her award-winning run on ABC's The Practice, Camryn Manheim became pregnant with her son, Milo. The pregnancy was newsworthy for couple of reasons: She was in her late 30s, and she didn't announce who the father was. 5 Mar 2018

Was Daisy actually pregnant in bones?

She was in a relationship with Lance Sweets, who proposed to marry her in the episode The Bones on the Blue Line.
Before the events in The Conspiracy in the Corpse, Sweets and Daisy were married and their restored relationship resulted in her pregnancy with their son; Seeley Lance. 22 Mar 2018

Was Mary Lynn Rajskub in the office?

The Office Alternate History: Ben Falcone as Michael, Mary Lynn Rajskub as Pam, Adam Scott as Jim. With The Office winding down toward that great big nothing in the beyond, Rainn Wilson is letting nostalgia get the best of him. 19 Mar 2013

Was Melissa really pregnant in the haves and the have nots?

She later ends up pregnant but Jeffrey refuses to play along with this. However, Melissa refuses to abort her unborn child threatening to go after Jeffrey for child support if Veronica doesn't pay and something happens to her father.
Melissa. Melissa Wilson Child(ren) Unborn Child (Via Jeffrey, Deceased) 11 more rows

Was Sloan really pregnant in the Entourage movie?

Emmanuelle Chiqui already has a voluptuous figure but playing pregnant in the new Entourage movie did present some wardrobe challenges.
'It's so interesting being "pregnant",' Emmanuelle confessed to Kimmel. 'We were doing our wardrobe fitting and putting on this big fake belly, and putting on the tight dress on top. 5 Jun 2015

Was Angela really pregnant in Bones?

Accustomed to playing pregnant while actually pregnant, Monday's episode required Deschanel to put on a fake belly for the first time. “It's very sweaty in there, so thank god it was just for one episode and we could move on,” Deschanel tells The Hollywood Reporter. 2 Apr 2012

Was Lily actually pregnant in How I Met Your Mother season 7?

Alyson Hannigan was actually pregnant during this season, though, unlike her pregnancy in the fourth season, she didn't have to hide her baby bump because she was pregnant in the show too.

Was Monica really pregnant in the last episode of Friends?

1. Courteney Cox was pregnant when the last episode was shot. When Lisa Kudrow got pregnant, screenwriters decided to incorporate her pregnancy into the Friends script.
Although Courteney was wearing baggy clothes all the time, we still can notice her growing belly in some episodes.

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