Was Andy Garcia in Jaws?

4 Andy García As Mayor Larry Vaughn Jaws' depiction of a politician who's more interested in keeping the economy afloat than saving lives when a deadly force threatens his constituents is more relevant than ever today. 22 Sep 2021

How long was Andy Bell in Oasis?

The record was engineered by Bell's former Oasis bandmate Gem Archer, with the death of David Bowie in 2016 prompting Bell to become more proactive about laying down the record over four years. 11 Aug 2020

How many episodes of Taxi was Andy Kaufman in?

No fan of sitcoms, Kaufman agreed to appear in only 14 episodes per season. In hindsight, his character is the most one-dimensional of the Taxi cast, but there is a sweetness behind the silliness, which might be Kaufman's enduring trait. 14 Jan 2016

Was Adam Garcia in Tap Dogs?

Adam Garcia will return to the London stage this June in the Australian dance show Tap Dogs.
In 2000 he starred in movie Bootmen, about the dance troupe Tap Dogs, and followed this with roles in Coyote Ugly, Riding In Cars With Boys and Teenage Drama Queen . 13 May 2010

Was Aimee Garcia in supernatural?

In Supernatural, she portrayed secretary Nancy Fitzgerald in season 3 episode "Jus In Bello".

Was Andy Kim in the Archies?

He co-wrote "Sugar, Sugar" in 1968 and sang on the recording as part of the Archies; it was #1 for four weeks and was "Record of the Year" for 1969.
He continues to perform under his original recording name of Andy Kim.

Was Andy Williams in the military?

The business — and the show — has its roots in the couple's military backgrounds. Ashley Williams, 32, is a former soldier, and Andy Williams, 36, served in the Marine Corps. 9 Mar 2018

How many episodes of Andy Griffith was Jean Carson in?

three episodes Carson was perhaps best known for playing "Fun Girl" Daphne on "The Andy Griffith Show." She only appeared in three episodes but Daphne and her line "hello, doll," which she said as she flirted with Sheriff Andy Taylor, have become a part of Mayberry mythology. 10 Nov 2005

Who was Andy Griffith married to in real life?

Cindi Knight m. 1983–2012 Solica Casuto m. 1973–1981 Barbara Griffith m. 1949–1972 Andy Griffith / Spouse Griffith's marriage to Barbara Edwards ended in divorce in 1972. He and his second wife, Solicia, divorced in 1981 after five years of marriage. In 1983, he married Cindi Knight, a former teacher and actress. The couple lived for many years on a 68-acre ranch in Dare County, North Carolina, Griffith's home state.

Why was Andy Lee not in Tyson Fury's corner?

This time around, Fury will be without Lee in his corner. The former WBO middleweight champion, who is also Fury's cousin, explained that he had encountered “visa issues.” These issues kept him from making it to Las Vegas this weekend. Instead, he was working in his commentary role for DAZN during Liam Smith vs. 9 Oct 2021

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