Was Alan Funt married to Betty White?

Foot in the mouth notwithstanding, Betty and Allen were married June 14, 1963.
The marriage introduced Betty to a new selection of friends. 4 Apr 2010

Who was Alan Funt married to?

Marilyn Funt m. 1964–1978 Evelyn Michael m. 1946–1964 Allen Funt / Spouse Allen Funt, television producer and presenter: born New York 16 September 1914; married Marilyn Laron (three sons, two daughters); died Pebble Beach, California 5 September 1999. 7 Sep 1999

Was Alan Rickman married to Emma Thompson?

The couple married in 2003, and have two children, Gaia, and Tindyebwa. Because he was an angel.
On that Love Actually in 2003 wasn ' alan rickman and emma thompson married hold on to anything that. Wasn ' t hold on to anything like that to Rima Horton, his of.

Was Alan Thicke married to Suzanne Somers?

Alan Thicke then took over as the host of the show that replaced Hamel!
In addition to flaunting an ageless bod and her eternal legs, Suzanne showed off her enduring 39-year marriage to Alan Hamel — who gives Suzanne a very personal link to Alan Thicke, who passed away just two days before the premiere! 15 Dec 2016

Was Diana Ross married to a white man?

Diana Ross The Queen of Motown is undoubtedly down…with the swirl. She married was married to Robert Ellis Silberstein and Arne Næss, Jr. 17 Jun 2014

Was Katey Sagal married to Jack White?

Katey married husband number three, drummer Jack White, in 1990. In 1990, Katey Sagal began dating drummer Jack White. In 1993 they tied the knot (via Superbhub). Before the couple wed, in 1991, Sagal was pregnant with their first daughter, a little girl they named Ruby. 20 May 2021

How long was Amanda Brown married to Sam?

20 years The former AFL Footy Show panellist found his wife lying on the floor of their luxury Docklands apartment earlier this month but was unable to revive the 50-year-old. Newman and Brown had been together for 20 years before officially tying the knot in November. 14 May 2021

How long was Andy Williams married to Claudine Longet?

Claudine Georgette Longet (born 29 January 1942) is a Franco-American singer, actress, dancer, and recording artist popular during the 1960s and 1970s. Born in Paris, France, Longet was married to American singer and television entertainer Andy Williams from 1961 until 1975.

How long was Angie Dickinson married to Burt?

15 years Dickinson kept her married name after her first divorce. She married Burt Bacharach in 1965. They remained a married couple for 15 years, though late in their marriage they had a period of separation during which they dated other people.

How long was Bobby Ball married to Yvonne?

Bobby Ball's beloved wife of 46 years Yvonne paid a special tribute to her entertainer husband after it was announced he had died at the age of 76. 29 Oct 2020

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