Was Ainsley Harriott in Red Dwarf?

Ainsley Harriott has had a number of contributions towards Red Dwarf. In 1993, Harriott played the part of the Kinitawowi tribal chief (simply credited as GELF Chief) in the Series VI episode "Emohawk: Polymorph II".

Who did Ainsley Harriott play in Red Dwarf?

TV chef Ainsley Harriott portrayed the GELF Chief, and Ainsley would later go on to host Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg as part of Red Dwarf Night.

Was Steven Ogg in Red Dead Redemption?

Trevor Phillips (Steven ogg) makes a appearance in Red Dead Redemption 2. The voice actor from Grand Theft Auto 5 in a cutscene in Red Dead Redemption 2 wher

Does Ainsley Harriott live in Hoole?

Ainsley, whose partner lives in Hoole , has given his views in an article in the Daily Telegraph.
One of the reasons Hoole is cool is because of its food and drink offer. 22 May 2019

Does Ainsley Harriott have any restaurants?

While he no longer runs his own restaurant, it's safe to say that Harriot has still managed to forge a seriously successful career in food. Since the mid-90s, Harriott has made his name as a TV star. 29 Apr 2021

Does Red Dwarf get to Earth?

The Red Dwarf crew will come back to Earth when the show returns this Easter, 21 years since the science fiction series first blasted off. For eight series totalling 52 episodes Dave Lister wanted to return to his home planet. Now, at last, he has - in Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. 27 Jan 2009

How big was the boat in Overboard?

In Overboard (1987), the 130-foot Yecats from Kong & Halvorsen in Glenorie, Australia (which was renamed the Attessa in 1992 and the Huntress in 1998), was featured as the S.S. Immaculata. (The same boat was also featured in 1993's Indecent Proposal, which stars Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore.) 11 May 2018

How good was Ron Artest in his prime?

In his prime, Artest was good for 20. His best season in Indiana, the one interrupted by the suspension, Artest was posting a 24.6/6.4/3.1.
But Artest knew defense was his bread and butter, and he willingly sacrificed numbers to play on a competitive team. 15 Feb 2021

How long was Aaron Wallace in jail?

After all, Aaron “was in prison for almost 10 years, and he was on the border of being institutionalized, so there are certain prison aspects of Aaron that are still with him now that he's on the outside,” Pinnock noted. “He's not not a free man going straight back into regular everyday social life. 16 Nov 2020

How long was Al Capone in Alcatraz?

4 ½ years Capone spent 4 ½ years on Alcatraz and held a variety of jobs. Capone's time on Alcatraz was not easy time.

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