Was Aethelwulf killed by a bee?

At the end of season four Aethelwulf had to warn his father to evacuate the kingdom after suffering a heavy loss against the Vikings.
Fans who came to like Aethelwulf's character wanted him to have a noble death on the battlefield, and they were shocked to find out he died from being stung by a bee. 8 Jun 2020

Who was the first person killed by a train?

William Huskisson September 15, 1830 – United Kingdom – William Huskisson becomes the first widely reported passenger train death. He is killed by locomotive Rocket at Parkside, Lancashire during the ceremonial opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

Was Bob bitten by a walker?

Death. During a supply run at the flooded food bank, Bob is dragged underwater and is bitten on his shoulder by a walker that snuck up on him. After Bob dies from his bite, Tyreese stabs him in the head to prevent reanimation.

Was Gollum played by a human?

In Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Gollum is a CGI character voiced and performed by actor Andy Serkis.

Has anyone been killed by a self-driving car?

Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. Tempe, Arizona, U.S. The death of Elaine Herzberg (August 2, 1968 – March 18, 2018) was the first recorded case of a pedestrian fatality involving a self-driving car, after a collision that occurred late in the evening of March 18, 2018.

How was Matt Hughes hit by a train?

Hughes couldn't spot an approaching train due to the absence of railroad crossing signs. The train crashed into Hughes' pick-up truck on the passenger side, resulting in fatal injuries. 23 Apr 2021

Was Cindy Wilson's boyfriend eaten by a shark?

The humorous song was long rumored to be a fanciful tale of a woman whose boyfriend was eaten by a shark.
This is one of the few B-52s songs with only one lead singer: Cindy Wilson. (Usually at least two of their three lead vocalists - Wilson, Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson - would share the vocals).

Was Steve Irwin ever bit by a crocodile?

Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter, died on September 4th, aged 44.
Bitten by a venomous snake that had left the real Steve Irwin out in the bush-grass, dead as a maggot. Chomped in half by a croc as he gave it a loving hug. 7 Sep 2006

What NFL player was killed by his girlfriend?

Former NFL player Rae Carruth hired a hitman to kill his girlfriend Cherica Adams and her unborn baby. While Cherica Adams died, her calling 911 allowed first responders to get to the scene in time to save her unborn son's life. Chancellor Lee Adams is now 21. 27 May 2021

What NFL player was killed in a car accident?

Henry Ruggs III NFL player Henry Ruggs driving 156 mph seconds before fatal crash, police say. Henry Ruggs was released from the Las Vegas Raiders on Tuesday night. NFL wide receiver Henry Ruggs III slammed into the back of a car in Las Vegas early Tuesday morning, killing the driver, according to a police report. 3 Nov 2021

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