Was Aaron Neville on drugs?

Neville moved to Los Angeles and began a ten-year addiction to heroin. He also served another year in prison for burglary. Despite his legal troubles, Neville continued his musical career and teamed with his brothers in New Orleans as a member of the Neville Sounds.

Was Donell Jones on drugs?

Singer Donell Jones is Done with Drugs – Converted Setbacks into Positive New Way of Life. *R&B legend Donell Jones wants his fans to know he's no longer in the clutches of debt, addiction, a smoking habit and other vices that affected him throughout his career. His new album “100% free!” is exactly that: 100% free. 29 Nov 2020

Was Jessie J on drugs?

J essie J has vowed never to do drugs.
"I'm a clean-living girl, I don't drink or smoke and would never do drugs." The 22-year-old singer also admitted she used to suffer from panic attacks and was even stricken by one on stage recently. 11 Apr 2012

Was Stephen Gately on drugs?

A toxicology report into the death of Stephen Gately is set to show he had anti-depressants and a minuscule amount of cannabis in his system when he died. 17 Oct 2009

Was Dave Mirra on drugs?

Mirra indeed suffered many head injuries through his career, including a fractured skull when he was hit by a car when he was 19, but TMZ is now reporting that Mirra also suffered from drug addiction and depression before he took his life, according to his family: “Per family, he had been recently suffering from
8 Aug 2016

Was Marvin Yancy on drugs?

Drugs were not involved in Yancy's death. Family members say that Yancy, who worked in the music industry, had never abused drugs and was "turning his life around." 15 Aug 2017

Does Aaron Neville have a mole on his face?

The distinctive mole above his eye is as much a trademark as that quivering vibrato that was parodied with the Aaron Neville megaphone in a Family Guy episode. He does not look like he sounds.
But in recent years Neville has gone back to his gospel roots, has released an album of soul covers. 8 Mar 2011

Was Yolanda Adams ever on drugs?

She toured with Chaka Khan and Captain & Tennille, but drug addiction took over her life. In 1981, she went to church with her grandmother and started her path back to music with gospel singing in a church choir. 26 Feb 2002

What drugs was Ian Watkins on?

He also stated that he wanted to get involved in sexual relations with children.” It was also reported that Watkins used cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth and heroin. 25 Aug 2017

What drugs was Malik b on?

As far as the relationship with him and The Roots, it's always been gang-gang-gang no matter what you hear on the internet. Yeah, I knew and know all too well about Malik's drug use. See, he started sipping syrup, which was a drug for gangsters, really. It was super expensive, and very addictive. 17 Sep 2020

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