Is type O negative Goth?

Type O Negative was an American gothic metal band formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1989, by Peter Steele (lead vocals, bass), Kenny Hickey (guitar, co-lead vocals), Josh Silver (keyboards, backing vocals), and Sal Abruscato (drums, percussion), who was later replaced by Johnny Kelly.

Is Type O Negative still together?

Later on that year the remaining members of Type O Negative decided to discontinue the band after losing their dear friend.
Yesterday it was reported by Loudwire that together both Hickey & Kelly created a new band called Silvertomb, that has a roster of recognizable talent. 5 Aug 2017

What is Type O Negative biggest hit?

# 1 – Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare All) At the top spot we have the debut single from Bloody Kisses that is considered to be the band's most famous song.

Who is the lead singer of Type O Negative?

Peter Steele Peter Steele, the lead singer and bass player of gothic/metal band Type O Negative, a groundbreaking group known for its dramatic lyrical emphasis on the themes of romance, depression, and death, died suddenly Wednesday night. 16 Apr 2010

How tall was the lead singer of Type O Negative?

6'7" Steele was most known for his deep, rich, natural baritone voice. At 6'7" he towered over the rest of the members of his band and would often roll his eyes into the back of his head while singing in videos and in live concerts. 16 Apr 2010

What happened to Peter Steele from Type O Negative?

Steele died of sepsis caused by diverticulitis (initially reported as heart failure) on April 14, 2010 at the age of 48. Prior to his death, he was preparing to write and record new music.
When Peter died, Type O Negative died with him."

What happened to Type O Negative singer?

Peter Steele, the deep-voiced singer, songwriter and bassist for Brooklyn's goth-metal outfit Type O Negative, has passed away at the age of 48. In an e-mail to CBS News, the band's manager Mike Renault confirmed Steele's death, writing “Peter passed away last night. As of now it appears to have been heart failure. 15 Apr 2010

What was type O negative last show?

Couldn't find anything. Video footage of TYPE O NEGATIVE's October 24, 2009 concert at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, New York can be viewed below (courtesy of 15 Apr 2010

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