Is there still skiing in Aspen?

Today. Winter operations begin November 25, 2021 at Aspen Mountain and Snowmass; and December 11, 2021 at Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. We look forward to welcoming you to Aspen Snowmass!

Is there still a royal family in Spain?

The current Spanish royal family consists of the present king, King Felipe VI, the queen consort, Queen Letizia, their children Leonor, Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofía of Spain, and the king's parents, King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofía.

Is there still money buried in Colombia?

At one time the most wanted man on the planet, the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar buried huge amounts of his estimated $50 billion fortune all over Colombia. The vast majority of this money has never been recovered.

Is there still a burn ban in Pacific County?

Pacific County DCD The temporary ban is now effective until 11:59 p.m., Monday, April 26, 2021. Pacific County joins Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) along with Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Skamania, and… More Wahkiakum Counties in extending this burn ban. The burn ban applies to outdoor debris burning.

Is there still wet concrete in the Hoover Dam?

Is Hoover Dam Concrete Still Curing? In short, yes – the concrete is still curing, harder and harder every year even in 2017 some 82 years after the construction of Hoover Dam was completed in 1935. 4 Apr 2017

Is Bughead still together in Season 5?

Betty & Jughead Betty and Jughead's relationship fell apart before they went off to college after he found out about her and Archie. Then came that voicemail he left her while drunk in New York. The two were back to investigating together near the end of Season 5, but both are now involved with other people. 7 Oct 2021

Is Catalan still spoken in France?

These days, just over 35% of the population of Northern Catalonia speak Catalan, although 61% understand the language.
French is the only official language of the state, and France is still to ratify the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages. And yet, Catalan is still surviving, albeit not thriving. 14 Feb 2020

Is Duane still alive in the walking dead?

Duane lived with his father Morgan (Lennie James), and they sheltered Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the first days of the zombie outbreak.
Morgan revealed Duane had died after trying unsuccessfully to kill his zombified mother Jenny, who bit her son and turned him too. 10 Apr 2020

Is Dutch still alive in Predator?

Still, Dutch ends up using his wits and tactical knowledge to ultimately defeat the intergalactic hunter, despite being severely outmatched in a physical confrontation. He survives Predator, but has never reappeared onscreen in the franchise. 28 Jan 2020

Is Japan still whaling in the Antarctic?

On December 26, 2018, Japan announced that since the IWC failed its duty to promote sustainable hunting, which is one of its stated goals, Japan is withdrawing its membership and will resume commercial hunting in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone from July 1, 2019, but will cease whaling activities in

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