Is there something wrong with Matthew Broderick?

In 1987, Broderick accidentally killed two people when he steered his car across the centerline of a road in Ireland; he was convicted of careless driving.
Matthew Broderick Broderick in 2012 Born March 21, 1962 Manhattan, New York City, U.S. Occupation Actor producer singer Years active 1981–present 4 more rows

Is there anything wrong with Jane Pauley?

In addition to sharing anecdotes from her successful television career, Skywriting also unveiled a secret that Pauley had been keeping from her fans: a few years earlier, she'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. While promoting her book, Pauley — who left Today in 1989 — paid a return visit to the show. 25 Sep 2020

Is something wrong with Saint Ravenel?

Ravenel asserted in court documents that Saint has fetal alcohol syndrome due to Dennis's alcohol consumption while pregnant. Documents surfaced in Dec. 2020 referencing that the child was “formerly diagnosed with FAS due to Kathryn's excessive drug and alcohol consumption while he was in utero,” The Sun reports. 10 Mar 2021

Is something wrong with Tallulah Willis?

Tallulah Willis is opening up about struggling with body dysmorphic disorder and is sharing her advice for others who may be struggling.
Willis also shared her tips for coping with the disorder: Willis said she puts a ""towel mirror over the mirror"" or takes mirrors down when she is having a ""BDD spiral."" 18 May 2021

Is there a car with 3 wheels?

Polaris Slingshot Although Polaris is a manufacturer specializing in snowmobiles and quads, it also has a three-wheeled motor vehicles called the Slingshot.
Interestingly, the Slingshot's engine is derived from GM, particularly the 2.4-liter Ecotec engine that produces 173 horsepower and 166 pound-feet of torque. 17 Jun 2018

Is there a contract with ATT TV now?

Originally launched as DirecTV Now, AT&T's live TV streaming service was rebranded as AT&T TV Now in 2019.
The ability to switch between the two-year contract and no contract plans has now been removed from AT&T's website, suggesting the company has ended the option to sign up on an annual basis. 19 May 2021

Is there a country with no speed limit?

Due to those Autobahns, Germany is considered a country without a general speed limit on its highways. The Isle of Man is the only jurisdiction without a general speed limit on rural two-lane roads.

Is there a movie with 100 rotten tomatoes?

To date, Leave No Trace holds the site's record, with a rating of 100% and 247 positive reviews.

Is there a place with 0% humidity?

The concept of zero percent relative humidity — air devoid of water vapor — is intriguing, but given Earth's climate and weather conditions, it's impossible.
And once water vapor is in the air, wind carries it everywhere — even across arid deserts. 16 Dec 2011

Is there something cheaper than Uber?

Lyft. The most obvious U.S. Uber competitor is Lyft, with a service that works quite similarly. Like Uber, the app lets you hail a car and see how far away it is on the map. The prices are comparable — sometimes it's less than Uber, sometimes it's more. 9 Mar 2017

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