Is there going to be a goal 4 movie?

Actor Kuno Becker, who played the beloved Santiago Munez in the Goal! franchise, has revealed he has written a script for a fourth film.
"I actually wrote a script for Goal 4. My associates, my partners in production company, think it's great," Becker told SPORTbible. 7 May 2020

Is there going to be a Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery?

The first episode of Star Trek: Discovery season 4 will premiere on Paramount+ on Thursday, November 18, 2021. 4 days ago

Is there going to be a after 4?

Good news for all the diehard Afternators out there: After Ever Happy was filmed at the same time as After We Fell, back in October 2020. The film will be based on Anna Todd's 2015 book of the same name, and will be directed by Castille Landon.
It will be the fourth and final movie in the After saga. 19 Oct 2021

Is there going to be a new Chucky movie in 2021?

Chucky release date October 12, 2021 will see the Chucky series premiere on SyFy and USA Network at 22:00 ET. 12 Oct 2021

Is there going to be a new Predator movie in 2020?

The new film will be called Skull and is “three-quarters” of the way through filming according to Davis. The film's main character will be female and will encounter a Predator on its first journey to Earth. The story will take place before that in the original 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 29 Jul 2021

Is there going to be a 4th divergent movie?

The Divergent series was left with some loose ends and unfinished storylines after Divergent 4 was canceled. Neil Burger would know more than anyone considering he directed the first installment and produced the last two. 9 Apr 2021

Is there going to be a Magnus Chase movie?

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard is an upcoming film trilogy that will be released on Hulu and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, based on the book series of the same name.

Is there going to be a Beverly Hills Cop 4?

Eddie Murphy will return as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop 4 with Netflix and Paramount scheduling a two-month shoot for the sequel in California. Beverly Hills Cop 4 is one of nearly two dozen movies revealed to start shooting soon in California with Netflix moving forward on the action-comedy sequel. 23 Aug 2021

Is there going to be a night at the museum 4?

The hugely popular franchise will return as an animated movie for Disney+. All images courtesy of 20th Century Fox. You don't need to be a distinguished film critic to know that the star-led family film is not created equal. 11 Oct 2020

Is there going to be a burden of truth Season 4?

Burden of Truth wasn't canceled The truth is that the series wasn't canceled. It came to its natural and planned end. When the series was initially developed, it was as a four-season story. 10 Aug 2021

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