Is there an English version of Oldboy?

Oldboy (English Dubbed)

Is there an English version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

Available in both English and Chinese Michelle Yeoh reprises her role from the Oscar-winning film, as a martial arts legend alongside Donnie Yen.

Is there an English version of Baidu?

Baidu, the search behemoth often referred to as “China's Google,” launched its new English-language Web site for developers today. 28 Feb 2013

Is there an extended version of Blade Runner 2049?

Scott has tinkered with his Blade Runner over the years, resulting in various cuts of the film being released, but director Denis Villeneuve has no plans to alter Blade Runner 2049—even if fans are clamoring to see a rumored much longer cut of the movie. 28 Dec 2017

Is there a dubbed version of Call my agent?

Remake Is Finally Underway. Following four seasons of success and new-found international recognition after Netflix snapped up the series, French comedy-drama Call My Agent!
(or Dix Pour Cent) is set to be remade for English-speaking audiences. 7 May 2021

Is there an actual river of no return?

The Salmon River is among the longest free-flowing rivers in the United States. On its 425 mile (684-kilometer) course from the Sawtooth Mountains through central Idaho, not one functioning dam impedes its flow. 21 Jul 2020

Is there an episode 7 of Loki?

Unfortunately, there will be no episode 7 of Loki on Disney Plus. Indeed, the series has only 6 episodes. However, as you saw at the end of Episode 6, a Loki Season 2 will indeed take place. 14 Jul 2021

Is there a female version of Where's Waldo?

Wilma is the twin sister of Wenda (who later replaced her as Where's Wally's female character).
Like Waldo, Wilma wrote postcards. They were often to the reader or Wally, and were sent with her own photo-stamp (similar to Waldo).

Is there a censored version of Fifty Shades of GREY?

The censored Vietnamese version of Fifty Shades of Grey has seen all sex scenes removed. Over 20 minutes of material has been cut from the erotic thriller, with the cuts leaving cinemagoers in the country baffled by the film's ending. 10 Mar 2015

Is there a desktop version of QuickBooks online?

QuickBooks Online Is Cloud-Based Software: The biggest difference between these two QuickBooks products is that QuickBooks Online is cloud-based and runs using the internet, while QuickBooks Desktop is downloaded and installed on a computer. 10 Nov 2021

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