Is there a Parker 2 movie?

Parker 2 never happened because of how the original film performed, but also because of Jason Statham's career trajectory. Parker released in 2013 and was based on the 2000 novel Flashfire, the 19th installment of Donald E. 17 Mar 2021

Is there a Clue 2 movie?

Clue II: Murder in Disguise.

Is there a powder 2 movie?

'Powder 2: Powder to the People' Trailer Elevates Fake Trailer Standards. 23 Jun 2009

Is there a professional 2 movie?

Luc Besson had a sequel planned for Léon: The Professional, but it never happened – at least not as originally planned.
14 Sep 2019

Is there a Shottas 2 movie?

The 'Shottas' sequel has finally been confirmed. Veteran recording artiste, actor Spragga Benz who played Wayne revealed on social media earlier this week that he got a fifty-seven page script to read over for 'Shottas 2' by Richie Effs and Micheal Wekerle. 23 Nov 2018

Is there a Warcraft 2 movie?

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the movie is set to premiere during the summer of 2021. Based on the successful World of Warcraft movie series, Hordiss looks to continue the success of its predecessors while weaving a new tale in the process. 8 Apr 2021

Is there a pixels 2 movie?

Not yet, at least. There have been no talks of a sequel from the past few years except some speculations from fans. So we mostly will not get one. 19 Dec 2019

Is there a Lizzie McGuire Movie 2?

Canceled sequel In August 2019 it was announced that Lizzie McGuire to be entering production for Disney+, with Duff reprising her role and Minsky returning as showrunner.

Is there a 4th fallen movie?

What Can be Expected from 'Night Has Fallen'? The fourth series of 'Has Fallen,' titled Night Has Fallen, was given the green light in November 2020. Gerald Butler confirmed that in addition to serving as a producer, he is also casting the role of Mike Banning. Ric Roman Waugh will return as a director of the film. 16 Aug 2021

Is there a Brink 2?

Unofficial sequel to the Disney channel original movie Brink! Years after losing a downhill race, Val decides to kidnap his former rival's sister and challenge him to a rematch.

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