Is there a line in Back to the Future about 2020?

"Whatever happens Marty, don't go to 2020!" 17 Jun 2020

Is Hill Valley California in Back to the Future a real place?

The movie—and its two sequels—are set in the fictional California town of Hill Valley, but it was shot entirely in Los Angeles County, and some of its filming locations (Griffith Park and the Gamble House, for instance) are recognizable LA landmarks in their own right. 31 Mar 2020

What is Biff short for in Back to the Future?

Biff Tannen Portrayed by Thomas F. Wilson Voiced by Kid Beyond (The Game) Thomas F. Wilson (The Animated series; The Game, 2015-re-release) In-universe information Full name Biff Howard Tannen 10 more rows

Is Jennifer Jason Leigh in Back to the Future?

He and Jennifer Jason Leigh originally played Victor and Marion; Kubrick wanted to re-shoot; they were by then on other projects, so he re-cast Sydney Pollack and Marion Nathanson. 13 Oct 2010

Is there a cat in Guardians of the Galaxy?

A Cat's Companions The Guardians of the Galaxy member Rocket Raccoon initially attacks Chewie on account of its Flerken heritage. Even though Rocket tries to sell Chewie on the intergalactic market, he ultimately promises not to harm the creature and grows to respect her.

Where is the railroad in Back to the Future?

The railroad crossing location in real life is S. Ventura Road, Port Hueneme, California.

How old is Doc in Back to the Future 3?

Emmett Brown Dr. Emmett Lathrop ""Doc"" Brown Biographical information Age (1955) 41 (game) 35 (novelization) 33 (animation) Age (1985) 71 (game) 65 (novelization) 63 (animation) Age (2015) 101 (game) 95 (novelization) 93 (animation) 10 more rows

Is the Gamble House in Back to the Future?

Said to be located at 1640 Riverside Drive in Hill Valley in the movie, the Gamble House can actually be found at 4 Westmoreland Place in Pasadena.
The Gamble House's former carriage house, now gift shop, was used as Doc Brown's 1955 garage/laboratory in Back to the Future. 9 Jul 2015

Can you see Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future?

Back to the Future: Why You'll Never See More Eric Stoltz Marty McFly Footage. Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale explains why the Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly footage hasn't been released
and won't be anytime soon. Here's why you won't see more of the infamous Eric Stoltz footage any time soon. 21 Oct 2020

How old was Doc in Back to the Future 1?

Emmett Brown Dr. Emmett Lathrop ""Doc"" Brown Biographical information Age (1931) 17 (game) 11 (novelization) 9 (animation) Age (1955) 41 (game) 35 (novelization) 33 (animation) Age (1985) 71 (game) 65 (novelization) 63 (animation) 10 more rows

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