Is there a band called Land ho?

Land Ho! was a very popular band in Pawnee, Indiana 'a while back'. Leslie and Andy try to convince the lead singer, Scott Tanner (played by Jeff Tweedy ), to reunite with the band just once for the big Unity Concert they are organizing to solidify the merger of Pawnee and Eagleton.

Is there a band called Duke?

About Duke Duke are a beatbox band like no other. Three voices, one guitar, NO backing tracks, looping or sampling to produce amazing covers. Born out of Cheltenham they quickly made their name through open-mic nights impressing and entertaining with their extraordinary talent and unique style.

Is there a band called glory?

Glory was a five piece band that formed in the late sixties and they played very heavy blues/boogie oriented rock. 'On The Air' have been pieced together by Clark Faville for Rockadelic Records. In the eighties, Jerry Raney member of Glory formed the Beat Farmers. 17 Sep 2020

Is there a book called Minecraft?

Minecraft (9 book series) Kindle Edition. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The first official Minecraft novel! The author of World War Z tells the story of a hero—stranded in the world of Minecraft—who must unravel the secrets of a mysterious island in order to survive.

Is there a building called the Pearl?

Pearl Tower or Pearl at the Sea is a 70-floor 242 meter (794 foot) skyscraper in Panama City, Panamá. Construction was first planned in 2007.

Is there a country called South Sudan?

The Republic of South Sudan became the world's newest nation and Africa's 55th country on July 9, 2011.

Is there a group called the raspberries?

Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. Raspberries were an American pop rock band formed in 1970 from Cleveland, Ohio. Bryson and Smalley resurrected the group's name in 1999 for an album, which included singer/songwriter Scott McCarl as vocalist.

Is there a movie called Greenwood?

Greenwood is a provocative short film based on the 1921 deadly racist onslaught on 'Black Wall Street. ' The film follows a family's incredible fight to defend the existence of America's wealthiest Black district, while desperately trying to stay alive.

Is there a movie called phone booth?

Phone Booth is a 2002 American neo-noir thriller film directed by Joel Schumacher, produced by David Zucker and Gil Netter, written by Larry Cohen and starring Colin Farrell, Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes, Radha Mitchell, and Kiefer Sutherland.

Is there a place called Honah Lee?

The popular 1960s folk song by Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton has often been connected with this North Shore Kauai town of Hanalei, or in this case, “Honah Lee.” The song references to a mythical land called Honah Lee, where the “magic dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist.” 23 Feb 2013

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