Is the song Lola about a drag queen?

Guitarist Dave Davies later hypothesised that had “Lola” flopped, the group would probably have disbanded.
After all, there was no one “real” Lola; the song was instead inspired by the various transvestites, transsexuals and drag queens the band knew from their nights cavorting in underground clubs. 19 May 2019

Is the song Fireflies about insomnia?

Owl City star Adam Young has revealed that his insomnia helped him create 'Fireflies'.
The 23-year-old explained that he wrote the single, which was number one in the UK for three weeks, when he couldn't sleep. 20 Feb 2010

Is the song obsessed about Eminem?

Lyrically, the song describes Mariah's dilemma regarding constant claims of a prior relationship from rapper Eminem, although he is not specifically mentioned. The song was well-received by music critics who highlighted it as a stand-out track from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.

Is the song Like a Rolling Stone about Edie Sedgwick?

Bob from Ny, NyDylan's song Like a rolling stone is about Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol and himself. Dylan along with other's tried to get Edie away from Warhol but she couldnt stay away from Warhol and the Factory. From beginning to end the description of the girl is Edie Sedgwick, look up her bio.

Is the song Imagine a communist manifesto?

Lennon himself described “Imagine” as “virtually the Communist Manifesto, even though I am not particularly a communist and I do not belong to any movement…. But because it is sugarcoated, it is accepted.” Released as a single in the U.S. in the fall of '71, “Imagine” went to Number Three on Billboard's Top 100 chart. 27 Dec 2001

Is the song centerfold based on a true story?

"Centerfold" was written by the band's keyboard player, Seth Justman. As a matter of fact, Justman wrote (or co-wrote) all the songs on the "Freeze Frame" album! The song tells the story of a man who's world is ROCKED! He had a crush on a sweet and innocent girl in his homeroom in high school. 5 May 2018

Is the song Craig a true story?

Preview: “Craig” is a story song about Hayes meeting a man at church who made him feel comfortable and did not pass judgment on the singer during hard times. He remembers that the true-to-life real-life Craig was so genuine, even though he was messed up at the time. 27 Mar 2021

Is the song Jeremy Based on a true story?

Lyrics. "Jeremy" is based on two different true stories. The song takes its main inspiration from a newspaper article about a 15-year-old boy named Jeremy Wade Delle from Richardson, Texas, who shot himself in front of his teacher and his second period English class of 30 students on the morning of January 8, 1991.

What movie is the song a thousand miles in?

Legally Blonde A Thousand Miles / Movie In its finished form, the song was first heard during a scene in the Reese Witherspoon film Legally Blonde (2001), and was featured on the film's soundtrack under the title "A Thousand Miles (Interlude)".

Who is the song Toxic written about?

During the ad break I remember that Supervet is quite possibly the subject of Britney Spears's pop song Toxic. I'm not joking. This song was co-written by former pop star Cathy Dennis who once dated Supervet and broke up with him in 2003, the same year the song was composed. 21 Jun 2019

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