Is the pope related to Jesus?

The adjective for something relating to the Pope is papal. Catholics believe that the pope is the successor to Saint Peter whom Jesus appointed as the first head of his church. Each pope is part of what Catholicism calls the apostolic succession, an unbroken line back to Peter and has supreme authority. 19 Jul 2011

Is The Alchemist related to Harry Potter?

J.K. Rowling wove the medieval alchemist into the first book in her series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (the U.K. title), but the man described as the owner of the only known Philosopher's Stone is no fictional character.
After his death, he became known as the alchemist behind the Philosopher's Stone.

Is The Crown related to Game of Thrones?

George R.R. Martin has always been clear about how the lives of real medieval kings and queens were a big inspiration for "Game of Thrones." Therefore, it's only fitting that the fantasy drama shares a few things in common with Netflix's royal drama "The Crown" — including some of its cast members. 14 Aug 2020

Is the middle related to Malcolm in the Middle?

These shows do share some resemblances, their titles being one of the most obvious. However, the families of Malcolm in the Middle and The Middle are not linked in any way. 4 May 2021

Is the weeknd related to Haile Selassie?

He's proud of his Ethiopian heritage. Tesfaye's parents were born in Ethiopia, having lived through the Red Terror that swept the African nation in the wake of Emperor Haile Selassie's death. Not that Tesfaye heard much about it growing up in the secure confines of Toronto. 26 Oct 2015

How is Aunt Vi related to the equalizer?

Viola "Aunt Vi" Marsette is a character featured in the 2021 TV series, The Equalizer. She is Robyn McCall's aunt.

How is Caitlyn Jenner related to the Kardashians?

Jenner seems sad but accepting of the situation with the Kardashians.
Caitlyn was a step father to Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob for more than two decades after he and Kris married in 1991, and supported the kids through the death of their biological father Robert Kardashian, who passed away in 2003.

How is Caroline Stanbury related to the Vestey family?

Caroline's mother is part of the landed Vestey family and an old friend of Sue Ferguson, the second wife of the Duchess of York's father, Major Ron. Despite going to a public school and Oxford, Grant's parents were considerably less well-off than the Stanburys.

How is Chris Jasper related to the Isley Brothers?

Isley-Jasper-Isley was a splinter group of the Isley Brothers formed in 1984 by brother-in-law Chris Jasper (keyboards), Ernie Isley (lead guitar), and Marvin Isley (bass), due to creative differences that arose among the group.

How is Kyle Richards related to the Rothschild family?

She is the younger daughter of Richard Hilton, a hotel heir of the Hilton family who works as a businessman in real estate, and of Kathy Hilton (née Avanzino), a former actress and half sister of Kim and Kyle Richards.

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