Is the P silent in empty?

It is not silent, but it is not emphasized because it is difficult to pronounce p before t. But it is definitely not silent. Just don't emphasize it so that you add a syllable and wind up saying "Em-puh-tee." 15 Dec 2009

Why is the G silent in phlegm?

PHLEGM. The ""g"" sound was lost when Latin phlegma became Old French fleume. 8 Sep 2014

Who is the little girl in Silent Hill?

Alessa Gillespie is a major character in the Silent Hill film. Her character is based on the game character of the same name. She is the daughter of Dahlia Gillespie and niece to Christabella.

How big is the floating green in Coeur D Alene?

6,803-yard Course architect Scott Miller built the floating green at the insistence of resort owner and developer Duane Hagadone. It's all part of a par-71, 6,803-yard layout that opened in 1991 and ranks No. 3 in Idaho in Golfweek's Best Courses You Can Play list for best public-access tracks. 27 Sep 2020

How deep is the Marianas Trench in KM?

It is crescent-shaped and measures about 2,550 km (1,580 mi) in length and 69 km (43 mi) in width. The maximum known depth is 10,984 metres (36,037 ft) (± 25 metres [82 ft]) (6.825 miles) at the southern end of a small slot-shaped valley in its floor known as the Challenger Deep.

How is the Pompidou Center in Paris turned inside out?

Inside, movable panels would be used to reconfigure the five, entirely open, main public floors. Bright primary colors coded everything to do with making things work—air-conditioning (blue), plumbing (green), electrical (yellow) and security and communication (red). 27 Jan 2017

How is the leader chosen in Kenya?

Elections in Kenya take place within the framework of a multi-party democracy and a presidential system. The President, Senate and National Assembly are directly elected by voters, with elections organised by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

How long is the pie scene in a ghost story?

about five minutes “The pie scene is four-and-a-half minutes, one shot, and the shot before that is about five minutes, so between the two it's almost a 10-min scene. 8 Aug 2017

How much is the Nasdaq up in 2021?

The Nasdaq Composite index fell by approximately 2,400 points in the four weeks from February 12 to March 11, 2020, but has since recovered to 15,860.96 points as of November 10, 2021.
Weekly development of the NASDAQ Composite index from January 2020 to November 2021. Month/day/year Index points 8/18/2021 15,019.8 12 more rows • 4 days ago

How much is the entrance fee in city of dreams?

For adults, P210 (two-hour pass), P380 (four-hour pass), and P830 (day pass). Weekend ticket prices for kids are priced at P480 (two hours), P880 (four hours), and P2,000 (day pass). For adults, P270 (two-hour pass), P490 (four-hour pass), and P1,100 (day pass). 31 Mar 2015

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