Is the Learning Annex still in business?

The Learning Annex was No. 346 on the 2007 Inc. 5000 (a list of the nation's fastest-growing private companies) with a reported three year growth of 794.1%, revenue of $102 million, and 114 employees. Later in 2007, it ceased its operations in Toronto, Canada.

Is the Millionaire Matchmaker still in business?

Not only did their love end, but The Millionaire Matchmaker came to an end as well. After 8 seasons, the show ended its run on Bravo. 4 Jun 2020

Is L.L. Bean still in business?

About L.L. Bean, Inc. Still family owned, Shawn Gorman, great grandson of Leon Leonwood Bean, was named Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2013.
L.L.Bean operates 54 stores in 19 states across the United States, along with 25 stores in Japan. The 220,000-sq. 29 Apr 2021

Is Paul Junior Designs still in business?

Paul Teutul Jr. founded the design firm in 2009 after waiting out a one-year non-compete clause with his former company, Orange County Choppers (OCC). Teutul opened the motorcycle company in April 2010.
Paul Jr. Designs. Type Private Website 6 more rows

Is Paul Teutul Senior still in business?

Teutul Sr has managed to keep his company alive, having contracted a new team to aid his passion for making bikes. In late 2020, Senior announced that the longtime NY-based custom motorcycle company will move to the sunshine state of Florida. 9 Jun 2021

Is Sweetie Pie's still in business?

Sweetie Pie's, the popular St. Louis-based restaurant, has reopened for business in downtown Jackson after settling prior issues concerning the management of the building.
The restaurant is located in the Plaza building at the corner of Amite and Congress streets. 21 Aug 2019

Is denim and soul still in business?

Denim & Soul is now under the Marcus Lemonis Fashion Group brand. 10 Nov 2015

Is every hue beauty still in business?

"And it's been tough, to be honest with you." Gizelle further clarified that the company is currently "not selling" products. Although the cosmetics are not currently in production, the mother and businesswoman still keeps her own EveryHue Beauty stash handy. 14 Dec 2020

Is the freak show still in Venice Beach?

The owner says they're being pushed out. Snapchat reportedly has been interested in the building that houses the Freakshow since last year, and had a right of first refusal when the space became available, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal.
28 Apr 2017

Is wines by wives still in business?

2. Wines by Wives. I'm not sure why Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson thought it would be a good idea to start a company together, especially since their relationship is never really that solid.
From what I've seen – or lack of seeing, Wines by Wives is no longer; and I'm sure no one saw that coming. 28 Mar 2018

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