Is the Hellraiser lawsuit over?

Clive Barker, who wrote and directed the 1987 horror flick Hellraiser, has successfully leveraged copyright law to recapture the American rights to the franchise.
The judge has now been presented with a proposed consent judgment that states that Barker will recapture U.S. rights Dec. 19, 2021. 1 Dec 2020

Is the Skywalker bloodline over?

The Skywalker bloodline consequently died out in 35 ABY, but Rey adopted their family name as a way to honor their memory. The Skywalker family achieved notoriety through their involvement in many historic events, including the fall of the Jedi Order, the return of the Sith, and the rise and fall of the Empire.

What is the likeness lawsuit?

The lawsuit seeks to prevent the NCAA from using any bylaws or rules to allow their college and university members to “restrict the amount of name, image, and likeness compensation available” to athletes. 25 Jun 2021

How much is the EpiPen lawsuit?

Pfizer Inc., Meridian Medical Technologies Inc., and King Pharmaceuticals LLC, formerly known as King Pharmaceuticals Inc. — collectively the “Pfizer defendants” — have agreed to a $345 million settlement in an EpiPen class action lawsuit. 10 Sept 2021

How much is the Essure lawsuit?

Bayer to Pay $1.6 Billion to Settle Defective Essure Contraceptive Device Lawsuits. The latest in an eventful year for Bayer Pharmaceuticals is a $1.6 billion settlement to resolve claims against its Essure contraceptive device. 25 Aug 2021

What is the Rams lawsuit about?

St. Louis suing NFL over Rams' relocation Lawsuit filed Wednesday in circuit court says team owner Stan Kroenke, the Rams and NFL team owners intentionally misled the St. Louis region and unjustly enriched themselves. 7 days ago

What is the average lawsuit settlement?

An average personal injury settlement amount is anywhere between $3,000 and $75,000.
Of course, most cases fall in between the very high and very low end of average settlements. There are also outliers – you've probably heard about people getting settlements that are millions of dollars.

Is The Simpsons over?

The series is currently in its 32nd broadcast season, and has already been renewed for two more. Speaking to, Reiss said that the show “may just go on forever”, adding that any attempt at a finite conclusion would result in reboots, spin-offs and movie adaptations shortly after. 22 Jun 2021

Is fear the walking dead over?

For now, the future of FTWD is secure. The show was renewed for Season 7 in December 2020. Filming began on the show in April 2021, with the show set to return in fall 2021, midway through the final 24 episodes of The Walking Dead.
"It is not the final season, at least as far as we know from AMC," he said. 14 Jun 2021

Is the 2021 IndyCar season over?

The 2021 NTT IndyCar Series was the 26th season of the IndyCar Series and the 110th official championship season of American open wheel racing. The premier event was the 2021 Indianapolis 500, won by Hélio Castroneves (Meyer Shank Racing).
2021 IndyCar Series. 2021 IndyCar season Races 16 Start date April 18 End date September 26 Awards 11 more rows

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