Is the Goonies house still standing?

The house from the 1980's Richard Donner-directed Steven Spielberg-produced classic The Goonies has been shut down by the property owner after she was sent over the edge by movie fans.
Some visitors to the movie location apparently were not respectful, leaving cigarette butts and beer bottles all over the property. 19 Aug 2015

Is the ET house still there?

E.T. finds a temporary home with young Elliot at 7121 Lonzo Street in Tujunga, a residence still used today. This house had just recently completed construction in 1980 when filming began in September of 1981.

Is the Shipley Lydecker house still standing?

Shipley's death, the estate passed to his widow from which several conveyances led the property to Mr. Philip Lydecker who in 1947 sold the house to the Veterans of Foreign Affairs. In the end, at an unknown date, the Shipley Lydecker House was destroyed. Today the site is occupied by an apartment complex.

How big is the White House staff?

Executive Office of the President of the United States Agency overview Employees 1,800 (approximately) Annual budget $714 million Agency executive Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff Website 5 more rows

How is the smoking man still alive?

Fans brave enough to have gotten all the way through the original series know that the CSM is considered dead at the end of the finale. In that episode, he has very advanced cancer and is living in a hut in New Mexico, and then — it seems — gets killed by a rocket bomb. 26 Jan 2016

How often is the white house painted?

every 4-6 years The White House gets a touch-up most years, but it received its most recent full re-paint job in 2019. Full coats are usually applied every 4-6 years. 19 Jan 2021

Is The Sea Shepherd still active?

The group has been active in intervening against fishing and poaching in the South Pacific, the Mediterranean, and in waters around the Galapagos Islands. In addition to their direct action campaigns, Sea Shepherd works on ocean issues such as plastic pollution.

Is The Sylvers mother still alive?

We're sad to inform SoulTrackers of the death of Shirley Mae Sylvers, matriarch of one of the most talented family acts of soul music.
It is with heavy hearts that the Sylvers Family announce the passing of our Mother, the extraordinary Mrs. Shirley Mae Sylvers.

Is This Old House still in production?

The series is still in production.

Is the Actors Studio still on?

The series premiered in 1994 on Bravo where it aired for 22 seasons and was hosted by James Lipton from its premiere until 2018.
Inside the Actors Studio Original network Bravo (1994–2018) Ovation (2019–present) Picture format 480i HDTV 1080i Original release June 12, 1994 – present External links 13 more rows

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