Is the Farrell family real?

While the actual plot the Farrells find themselves in on Outsiders emphasizes the freedoms it is granted as a fictional TV series, the cast and creator's own research and inspiration should add a richness and authenticity to the world they inhabit. 26 Jan 2016

Is the Bass family real?

The elder Bass, who died in a car wreck last season, was a hard-dealing, self-made entrepreneur who earned his billions as the head of Bass Industries.
But on the living, breathing Upper East Side, the Bass surname has an actual association: power couple Sid and Mercedes Bass. 3 Nov 2009

How big is the hound in real life?

Rory McCann (born 24 April 1969) is a Scottish actor, best known for portraying Sandor "The Hound" Clegane on the HBO series Game of Thrones and Michael "Lurch" Armstrong in Edgar Wright's crime-comedy Hot Fuzz.
Rory McCann Occupation Actor Years active 1999–present Height 6 ft 6 in (198 cm) 2 more rows

How much is the Biermann family worth?

Introduction. As of 2021, Kroy Biermann's net worth is roughly $5.5 million. Kroy Biermann is an American athlete who was drafted in 2008 by the Atlanta Falcons. 8 Oct 2021

How much is the Buss family trust worth?

How much is the Buss family worth? The Buss siblings have around billions of dollars between them and a 66% stake in the Lakers franchise. If the team put on the market today, the Buss family would likely get upwards of $4 billion, although a bidding war could bring it even higher. 1 Nov 2021

How much is the Cathy family worth?

The Cathys are the family behind Chick-fil-A, a popular and highly profitable fast-food chain. With a collective net worth of $14.2 billion, they're America's 21st-richest family "dynasty," according to a recent report. In 2019, Chick-fil-A generated $11.3 billion in sales. 24 Jun 2021

How much is the Coates family worth?

Bet365 owners Denise, John and Peter Coates have ranked 17th in the Sunday Times Rich List for 2021 with an estimated net worth of £8.45bn. 21 May 2021

How much is the Crawley family worth?

In a detailed study, Money estimated the value of a variety of fictional properties, and the famed abbey is the most expensive of the group. According to the publication, if the Crawleys' property were real, it would be worth more than $179 million. 25 Sep 2021

How much is the Davis family worth?

Davis family wealth: $1.7 billion. 17 Jul 2014

How much is the Desmarais family worth?

With an estimated family net worth of US$4.5 billion (as of March 2012), Desmarais was ranked by Forbes as the fourth wealthiest person in Canada and 235th in the world in 2013.

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