How old is Soleil Moon Frye now?

45 years (6 August 1976) Soleil Moon Frye / Age Soleil Moon Frye is sharing new details about her children's bout with COVID-19. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the Punky Brewster star, 45, opens up about her family's experience with the illness last month when three of her four children tested positive for the virus. 10 Sep 2021

How many of Soleil Moon Frye friends committed suicide?

Frye lost a number of her friends at a young age, including Jonathan Brandis and "Kids" star Justin Pierce, who both died by suicide at the ages of 27 and 25, respectively. 11 Mar 2021

How old is Eva Marie Saint now?

97 years (4 July 1924) Eva Marie Saint / Age Saint, who turns 97 on July 4, is one of the last surviving links to Hollywood's Golden Age, with her style and sophistication serving as a luminous reminder that they “don't make 'em like they used to.” 4 Jul 2021

How old is Michael J Fox now?

60 years (9 June 1961) Michael J. Fox / Age Michael J Fox is 60 years old, celebrating his big birthday on June 9. He was born Michael Andrew Fox in Canada on June 9, 1961, and lived all over the country due to his father's job as a member of the Canadian Forces. 9 Jun 2021

How old is Spencer from iCarly now 2021?

When the original iCarly ended with season 5, Spencer was 29 years old, which makes him 39 in the reboot. The character is not too far in age from his actor; Trainor was born January 21, 1977, so he's 44 years old in 2021. 25 Jun 2021

How old is Tupac's daughter now?

Quick Wiki Full Real Name Jaycee Shakur. Age (as of 2021) 25-28 years old. Place of Birth New York City, New York, United States. Profession Tik Tok star, YouTuber, and media face. Nationality American. 11 more rows • 7 Aug 2021

How old is the wimpy kid now?

Throughout the series, Greg ages 11-12, as the digital synopsis of Diary of a Wimpy Kid (film). Greg is 8-9 years older than Manny as said in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth.

How old is Bella from Twilight now?

Kristen Stewart, who is now 31, portrayed 17-year-old Bella Swan who moved to the small town of Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona. In Forks, she fell in love with Edward Cullen, who just happened to be a vampire from the powerful Cullen family. 27 Jul 2021

How old is Joey from friends now?

Matt LeBlanc was born on 25 June 1967, making him 26 during the filming of the first season and 53 now. His character Joey Tribbiani, meanwhile, started the show as a 25-year-old but — if Monica is to believed when she says Joey was 13 in 1981 – ends the season as a 36-year-old. 31 May 2021

How old is Phoebe from Friends now?

Lisa Kudrow Kudrow, who was known on Friends as Phoebe Buffay, was 31 years old when the show first aired. Now, she's 57. 27 May 2021

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