How many walks does Carlos Santana have?

47 He led the Majors with 113 walks in 2014. Despite hitting just . 199 in the shortened 2020 season, Santana led the American League in walks, with 47. Last season, Hunter Dozier led the Royals with 27 walks. 18 Apr 2021

How many Gold Gloves does Carlos Santana have?

A first base only, Santana has never won a Gold Glove. And while Santana has been a reliable hitter his whole career, his high water mark was only a 136 wRC+ from 2019. 16 Aug 2021

How many walks does Vladimir Guerrero Jr have?

2019. Among AL rookies, ranked 1st in hits (126), T-1st in doubles (26), T-3rd in extra-base hits (43), 3rd in walks (46), 3rd in RBI (69) and T-7th in home runs (15)
His .

Does Carlos Santana have a house on Kauai?

Musician Carlos Santana paid $20.5 million for a home on Kauai's North Shore. Located in Princeville, an enclave on Kauai's North Shore, the contemporary house spans about 8,200 square feet with an expansive lanai, according to the listing from Ben Welborn and Neal Norman of Hawai'i Life. 1 Jul 2021

How many #1 does Benny Blanco have?

In the years since, Blanco has amassed 29 total number-one songs and is recognized for his achievements with artists including Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Lana Del Rey, Miguel, Halsey, and Camila Cabello.

How many 3s does Wesley Matthews have?

In each of his five NBA seasons, Wesley Matthews has increased his three-point total on, settling at 201 successful attempts in 2013-14. The mark was the second-most by a Blazer in franchise history, and only a degree behind Damian Lillard's 218 on the season.

How many 747 does Kalitta Air have?

Conrad Kalitta is its sole owner. Kalitta Air began service in November 2000 with three Boeing 747 aircraft, and the fleet has grown to a present total of 15 Boeing 747 aircraft and 2 Boeing 767 aircraft.

How many Assist does Cesc Fabregas have?

In the 350 games he played in England's top flight, Fabregas recorded a mightily impressive 111 assists. And his best - and arguably the best in Premier League history - came seven years ago against Burnley. 18 Aug 2021

How many Birkins does Jane Birkin have?

Jane Birkin Has Only Had A Handful Of The Iconic Bags Jane Birkin herself uses one Birkin at a time and carries her bags until they wear out. She has only had five of her namesake bags. She is also known to decorate the bags with pins, strands of beads, and stickers.

How many DPOYs does Rudy Gobert have?

three Rudy Gobert is now on a list of three-time DPOYs that includes Dwight Howard, Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutombo. The latter two have four—and are both Hall of Famers—which gives the 28-year-old Stifle Tower something to shoot for.

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