How long did Gwen Stefani date Tony Kanal?

Tony broke up with Gwen after a 7 year relationship in 1994. He states that they couldn't grow being together anymore and needed space.

How long did Adam Duritz date Jennifer Aniston?

Duritz says the actress was "really nice, really funny, really pretty," before adding, "And also, she liked me." The singer, who dated Aniston in 1995, quips, "It didn't last very long, but she's a nice girl." 7 Jul 2021

How long did Dominic Hoffman date Jasmine Guy?

Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison Talk “A Different World” Impact | Celebrity Gossip | TVONE.TV. With the 20th anniversary of its series finale this year, nostalgia for A Different World is at an all-time high.

How long did Erica Mena date Rich Dollaz?

Some fans said he needed to go to Maury. Others said they saw a very strong resemblance to Mena's ex, Rich Dollaz. The two are said to have dated about six years prior to Safaree and her dating. 29 Nov 2020

How long did Jeff Probst date Julie Berry?

Julie Berry and Jeff Probst dated from 2004-2008 before ending their relationship. 5 Feb 2021

How long did Johnny Depp date Sherilyn Fenn?

Depp met Fenn on the set of the 1985 student film Dummies. The pair dated for three-and-a-half years, during which time she made an appearance on a 1987 episode of Depp's TV show 21 Jump Street. 9 Jun 2021

How long did Kanye West Date Amber Rose?

Amber Rose and Kanye had a pretty high profile relationship which is still grabbing headlines to this day. The pair were together for two years from 2008 to 2010 when she called time on the relationship. 11 Jun 2021

How long did Sally Field date Burt Reynolds?

about five years Sally Field and Burt Reynolds dated off-and-on for about five years after they met in 1977. They co-starred in four movies: Smokey and the Bandit (1977), The End (1978), Hooper (1978), and Smokey and the Bandit II (1980). 13 May 2021

How long did Vivica Fox date 50 Cent?

Vivia and 50 Cent briefly dated back in 2003. He first made his affections known at the 2003 BET Awards when he was on stage saying, “And I'd like to thank Vivica Fox for wearing that dress.” Soon after, his team reached out to her people and the two connected over the phone. 28 May 2021

Which member of No Doubt did Gwen Stefani date?

Gwen Stefani dated her No Doubt bandmate Stefani's first boyfriend was No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal. The two dated from 1987 to 1994. Their band's hit song “Don't Speak” was inspired by their breakup after seven years of dating. 5 Apr 2021

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