Does Stanley Clarke have kids?

Full name, Stanley Marvin Clarke; born June 31, 1951, in Philadelphia, Pa.; son of Marvin and Blanche (Bundy) Clarke; married Carolyn Helene Reese, November 29, 1974; children: Christopher Ivanhoe. Education: Attended Philadelphia Music Academy. Religion: Scientology. Musician, composer, record producer.

Does Amber Rose have kids with Tyga?

Amber Rose and her baby daddy, Alexander “AE” Edwards, were spotted celebrating Tyga's 30th birthday on a yacht in St.
The actress has had her hands full lately ever since she welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world on October 10. “Slash Electric Alexander Edwards … the world is yours now. 20 Nov 2019

Does Anthony Davis have kids?

Quick facts: Full Name Anthony Marshal Davis Jr. Children Nala Davis Profession Professional Basketball Player Net Worth $30 million Salary $25 million 27 more rows • 7 Oct 2021

Does Anthony Sullivan have kids?

Sullivan admits he was among the CBD doubters until he saw what it did for his now 9-year-old daughter, Devon. Named for his hometown of Devon, England, Sullivan said her development is negatively affected by a genetic disorder so rare it does not have a name. 18 Jun 2020

Does Arthur Agee have kids?

Agee now has five children and still lives in the Chicago area. He started the Arthur Agee Jr foundation and works as a motivational speaker for inner-city youth. 18 Feb 2015

Does Becky Quick have kids?

Kyle Nathaniel Quayle Rebecca Quick / Children On August 16, 2011, CNBC reported that Quick had given birth to a son, Kyle Nathaniel Quayle. In October 2016, Quick gave birth to daughter Kaylie Noelle. Quick lives in New Jersey with her husband, their children, and his two daughters Natalie and Kimiko.

Does Billy Butler have kids?

Personal life. He is married to Katie Hansen Butler and has three daughters. They live in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Does Blake Shelton have kids?

Even though Blake has married three times in his lifetime, he does not have any biological children. However, life gave him a chance to experience fatherhood when he got married to Gwen. He became the stepfather of her three kids. The names of her three kids are Zuma Nesta Rock, Apollo Bowie Flynn, and Kingston. 15 Jul 2021

Does Blue Marvel have kids?

Brashear marries undercover CIA agent Marlene Frazier, AKA Agent 314, AKA Candace Brashear, and together they have three children, two sons, Max and Kevin, and one daughter, Adrienne.

Does Bow Wow have kids?

Shai Moss Bow Wow / Children Bow Wow also has a daughter Shai Moss, whom he welcomed with dancer and model Joie Chavis. Shai Moss is 10 years old and already proving to be a rising star as she can sing, dance and act. 24 Jun 2021

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