Did Jimmy Page ever marry?

Jimmy Page is not married, however, he has been in a long term relationship since 2014. He has, however, been married previously, and has four children. His first marriage was to Patricia Ecker, a model to whom he was married from 1986 to 1995. 10 Jan 2021

Did Ellen Page ever have a boyfriend?

Juno star Ellen Page marries partner Emma Portner. 4 Jan 2018

Did Gary Glitter ever marry?

Glitter Was Once Married, Has Children & Claimed He Was Abused. Gary Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, arrives at Southwark Crown Court on February 5, 2015 in London, England.
He married Ann Murton and they had a son and daughter together called Paul and Sarah. 8 Oct 2019

Did Jimmy Johnson ever coach the Miami Hurricanes?

Johnson 52-9 in five seasons coaching the Miami football program. Miami 44-4 in the final four seasons under Johnson. Schnellenberger set the foundation for a college football dynasty the Miami football program had for most of the era from 1983-2002. The Hurricanes won five national championships in those 20 seasons. 5 Aug 2021

Did Joan Baez ever marry?

While many critics agreed that Baez's untrained singing voice was unusually haunting, beautiful, and very soothing, they saw her spoken words, lifestyle, and actions as conflicting and sometimes anti-American.
Baez was married to writer and activist David Harris in March 1968.

Did Julie Christie ever marry?

She has just been nominated for an Oscar for portrating an Alzheimer's disease sufferer in Away From Her. Family No children and has never married. Her long-term partner is the journalist Duncan Campbell. 26 Jan 2008

Did Karen Grassle ever marry?

Is Karen Grassle married? She is currently divorced but has been married thrice. Her first husband was actor Leon Russom, who played General Jonathan Krantz on Prison Break. They got married in 1966 but divorced 4 years later in 1970. 22 Nov 2020

Did Katherine Hepburn ever marry?

Hepburn was married once, to Philadelphia broker Ludlow Ogden Smith, but the union was dissolved in 1934.

Did Kristin Davis ever marry?

If you're wondering who Kristin Davis' husband is, stop - she never married! However, Kristin Davis does have one daughter, Gemma Rose Davis, whom she adopted in 2011. Examples of Kristin Davis' exes on this list: Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Aaron Sorkin, and many more.

Did Margaret Court ever marry?

Tennis career.
After Wimbledon in 1966, Court temporarily retired from tennis. She married Barry Court in 1967, whose father, Charles Court, and brother, Richard Court, served as premiers of Western Australia. She returned to tennis in 1968, and in 1970 won all four Grand Slam singles titles.

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