Are Aaron and Sam getting divorced?

There has been no official statement from the couple whatsoever, following the speculation. If anything, it could very much be nothing more than a running rumour. 30-year-old Aaron and his wife Sam, 54, have been married since 2012.
27 Apr 2021

Are Bucky and Sam Dating?

The burgeoning intimacy between Sam and Bucky, which began as animosity at season's start, fueled rumors of the pair's romantic future. But Mackie insisted that theirs is a platonic relationship: “Bucky and Sam have a relationship where they learn how to accept, appreciate and love each other. 17 Jun 2021

Are Dante and Sam related?

There has always been a mutual respect between them — outside of when Dante got Michael [Chad Duell] thrown in prison — and those scenes were great for us to play and great for the characters, because they're essentially family, even though they're not related. 28 Oct 2021

Are Melissa and Teresa getting along?

Over the years, the two have gradually come together in the wake of Giudice's term in prison and her ex-husband's similar fate.
However, BravoTV reports that Aydin said, "I think they definitely get along better than they once did. 17 Aug 2021

Are Mika and Joe getting along?

Relationship Timeline Of Mika And Joe Mika and Joe are still together in 2021, although they had simply taken a few days off from the program they co-host. This doesn't mean they have broken up, they just wanted to enjoy their blessings in solitude for a while.

Are Saweetie and Quavo getting back together?

Saweetie is asking everyone to tap in for an update: Despite the recent rumors, she and Quavo are not back together. The "Icy Grl" musician took to social media on Thursday, Aug. 26, to dispute recent reports that the two have been "quietly" seeing each other about five months after parting ways. 26 Aug 2021

Why are Jason and Sam breaking up?

Jason's love life has been a big topic on 'General Hospital' However, Jason and Sam parted ways in December 2020 after Sam realized she did not want herself and her kids to be involved in Jason's dangerous mob lifestyle. After breaking up with Sam, Jason went on to have a fling with Britt. 1 Aug 2021

Are Billie and Sam twins?

It turns out they were actually born in the same year - 1990. Billie is the older of the two siblings, and is 28 years old.
Meanwhile Sam was born 31 December 1990. 6 Mar 2018

Is Joy-Anna and Austin getting divorced?

"If you follow our personal Instagram pages. You'll know these rumors are FAR from true!" Joy-Anna captioned a photo of herself and her husband embracing. So, no, Joy-Anna and Austin don't seem to be heading toward a divorce anytime soon — or ever, likely. 28 Oct 2020

Are destiny and Sam still together?

Sam and Destiney are over for good During the April 10 episode of the show, Destiney confirmed, "Sam and I are no longer talking," and that's still the case now according to the Shahs of Sunset star. 29 May 2020

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