Why did Josh Mathews leave WWE?

Even so, at one point, WWE clearly decided that it wasn't worth it to keep him on the roster. PWInsider (h/t Middleton) recently reported "that there will be more staff and developmental cuts between now and the next investors call this fall." That tide of cutbacks took Mathews out of the picture.

When did Josh Mathews leave WWE?

Despite these occasional unfortunate experiences, Mathews never backed down from an announcing assignment through his WWE tenure, which ended in June 2014.

Why did CM Punk leave WWE?

Punk officially quit TNA in March 2004 during the Rob Feinstein controversy after having a dispute with the TNA offices over his ability to compete in ROH following a TNA order that their contracted wrestlers were to no longer wrestle in ROH.

Why did Cain Velasquez leave WWE?

It was later revealed that Cain Velasquez had a knee injury, which was why the match was cut short. He was released along with the other superstars: WWE have officially let Cain Velasquez go. The former UFC heavyweight champ only signed a lucrative, multi-year deal last year. 7 Oct 2021

Why did Dan Severn leave WWE?

Severn had no interest in the angle, and noted that he lived in a small town and didn't want any repercussions from it. Severn said that the road agent then told him that they could start using him poorly and lose matches. 9 Mar 2015

Why did Eve Torres leave WWE?

Together, they bought a house and also got engaged – which left Eve with a decision to make. She claimed that all of the travelling required in order to be a top level WWE Diva wouldn't allow her to start the life she wanted with her soon-to-be husband, and as a result, she walked out of the door in early 2013. 27 Nov 2017

Why did Josh Altman leave the agency?

In an interview with People, Josh Flagg revealed why he left Rodeo Realty after his decade-long tenure. According to Flagg, his reason for leaving is fairly simple: He wanted to pursue new real estate markets and opportunities, and moving to Douglas Elliman afforded him that opportunity. 2 Sep 2021

Why did Josh Dallas leave Once Upon a Time?

Josh Dallas admits he wanted to try something new After leaving "Once Upon a Time" in 2017, Josh Dallas took several months off from acting to spend with his wife, Ginnifer Goodwin, and their two sons, but he told Collider he couldn't wait to get back into television. 15 Jul 2021

Why did Josh Freese leave perfect circle?

Longtime A Perfect Circle drummer Josh Freese has announced his departure from the band. The group performed a handful of shows in 2011, but Freese was unable to accompany APC due to a scheduling conflict concerning Weezer, with whom Freese was touring member of from 2009-2012. 2 Oct 2012

Why did Ricardo Rodriguez leave WWE?

Ricardo Rodriguez Suspended by WWE for 30 Days for Violating Wellness Policy. The WWE has announced that World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez has been suspended for 30 days after violating the company's wellness policy, according to WWE.com.

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