Can you get a security clearance after being denied?

Federal contractors, civilian government employees and military personnel can reapply for a security clearance after a period of one year. Don't be discouraged by a previous denial. It's no big deal to reapply; it happens successfully all of the time.
You must show that you are no longer a security threat.

Can I get a security clearance if I have bad credit?

Imperfect financial circumstances, such as bad credit scores, can have a negative influence on your application and potentially cause your security clearance to be denied. However, the dollar amount associated with your financial troubles is usually less important than the reasons behind your financial situation. 13 Aug 2020

Can you get a FHA loan after Chapter 13?

A person in a Chapter 13 can qualify for an FHA loan after making 12 on time bankruptcy payments. The court handling the bankruptcy must also provide approval for a purchase of a new home.

Can you get a car loan after debt settlement?

Getting an auto loan approved following debt consolidation is not especially problematic. In general, even when a credit report includes negatives related to debt settlement or debt consolidation, other existing positives on the report from other accounts will at least partially offset the negatives. 7 Nov 2017

Can you get a rental car after a DUI?

For example, Budget's car rental policy provides that you can rent a car with a DUI on your record as long as you've had no DUIs in the past 48 months (4 years).
Some car rental companies may still rent to a driver with a prior DUI. Many rental companies do not do a background check or driving record check.

Can you get a job after trade school?

Preparing for a job search after trade school can be a process in itself: from composing a resume and collecting references, to practicing for interviews, to looking for jobs. On top of all of this, you'll need to maintain your finances and student loans until you land a position in the HVAC industry. 25 Jun 2019

Can you get a loan after filing Chapter 13?

In most cases, you can't get new credit or take out a loan during your Chapter 13 case.
Getting new credit or a loan during your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is difficult. However, in certain circumstances, it might be possible. You'll want to get prior approval from the court.

Can you get a mortgage with only Social Security income?

Can you get a mortgage with only Social Security? Yes. As long as you can verify recent receipt of it and an award letter confirming your current award amount. 16 Jan 2021

Can you get a student loan without a Social Security number?

Many lenders will work with foreign students even if they do not have a social security number – that is as long as you have a US cosigner. Some international student loan applications allow you to apply right online without making the social security number field required, while others do not. 1 Feb 2014

Can you get into Club 33 without being a member?

Club 33 is a secret five-star restaurant that the regular public cannot access. There are only two ways to get into Club 33: being an exclusive member, or being invited by one. 24 Aug 2017

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